Feedback for Kasia_I

Jan 6, 2017

    1. Hello! You can leave here a feedback for me =)
    2. I purchased a resinsoul SD body from Kasia_l and the transaction was great! Super prompt replies, fast shipping, and the doll was packed so well I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to get in the package! Doll was exactly as described and she even sent along some extras that were super appreciated. A+ transaction, would definitely work with Kasia_l again!
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    3. I commissioned Kasia_I to make a jumpsuit outfit for me. :) I am extremely happy, with both the process, and the product.

      All communication was quick and concise. Right away, she let me know what her limitations were, like not having the same body the jumpsuit was for, so she would need measurements from me. And she was willing to work out a way to simplify the design, in order to keep the job closer to my price range. :)

      She was great with updates as well; she gave me design sketches first, double-checked material colors (which she dyed herself, to get the color I wanted!), and was always in contact while she was working.

      She shipped it out very promptly after it was done (she sent a photo of the completed outfit first), and it took about 10 days to arrive. That's international mail for you! :P

      And the jumpsuit itself is wonderful! It's well-made, and the details are great! I'm not worried about something ripping, or a seam coming loose or anything, and even though Kasia_I didn't have my boy's body to make it on, it still fits great!

      I am extremely happy with Kasia_I's work! If I ever need another outfit made, I would happily commission her again. :)

      Thank you so much!

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    4. She made a beautiful set of Yona costumes for my Mini and Tiny. They are so easy to dress my girls in. She was also great to let me know what was going on and the prices were good for the materials. :)
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    5. I commissioned Kasia_I for a custom outfit for my EID girl with Chalco hooves.
      The outfit consists of a skirt, shirt and apron.

      Contact was pleasant, fast and friendly and I am very pleased with the outfit!
      She totally nailed my wishes based on the provided references and the fabric choice is on point. Sewing quality is good too with finished seams and clean insides.
      Preparation time was appropriate and shipping fast and well packed.

      Can highly recommend her :)
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    6. I commissioned Kasia_I for a custom outfit for my Island Doll Austin.

      The outfit consists of a shirt, cape and hat as my doll is my incarnation of the Batman rogue Scarecrow.

      I am very pleased with the outfit as she did a great job with it, she got every little details including an awesome pumpkin pin for the cape! She provided photos of her work throughout the process and she was very nice and friendly.

      Shipping was fast and the prices were good.

      Highly recommended!
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    7. I commissioned Kasia_I for two shirts for my IoS boy, and she did wonderful! She was very, very patient with my (admittedly slow) communication, and the shirts were spectacularly made. I couldn't ask for a better commissioner or or transaction.
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    8. I commissioned Kasia_I for a top hat and cloak for my miracle doll Jing and she did a fantastic job! She was very friendly and understanding with a delay on my part! Would recommend 100%![​IMG]
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    9. I commissioned Kasia_I for 5 Chinese style waist pendants, and they are exquisite - beautifully beaded! Communication was always prompt and clear and they were very safely packaged when shipped. I could not be more satisfied. Would recommend!
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    10. Kasia_I bought Zaoll Muse from me. Everything went smoothly with good communication and quick payment. Highly recommend!
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    11. I commissioned Kasia_I to make twin themed cosplay outfits. I'm satisfied with both the quality and price of the outfits. However, I didn't get updates as often as I'd like until I contacted her first. Overall I recommend her services.
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    12. Kasia_I PMed me in response to a WTC post that I put up. Communication was excellent and she had the outfit done extremely fast. It fits Anri perfectly and is of high quality. I will definitely be utilizing her a lot in the future!
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    13. PMed me in regards to a post I made looking for a farmer outfit. Even when I changed my mind about the outfit style completely, she was more than accommodating. Communication was fantastic and she kept me updated. Outfit arrived nicely packaged and it's stunning. Great quality and fits my minifee perfectly. I definitely recommend and will more than likely be commissioning her again!
    14. So happy with the Caplets I ordered :) They are so gorgeous. I cannot think of a single aspect of this order which could be improved. Communication and updates and the items themselves were all perfect. Thanks!
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    15. I commissioned an outfit from Kasia_I for my MSD girl.
      Everything went smoothly and the whole thing is beautifully made! Everything fastens the way human clothes would, so it looks very realistic.
      Thank you so much! :)
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    16. Kate created a beautiful Slytherin robe for my Migidoll Ryu, with lovely attention to detail. All communication was prompt and friendly and she worked quickly. The robe was shipped with TLC and fits him beautifully, just as we discussed - thank you so much! Will def be back again. :)
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    17. I commissioned some more regency gowns in MSD size and I was not disappointed. The dresses were as always high quality and looked even better than I thought possible. Communication was again, fantastic and I am already thinking about a third order :)
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    18. I commissioned some anime outfits and they are beautiful. Some of the design is very intricate and full of detail. The communications were great throughout the process. I would commission from Kasia_l again :)
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    19. I asked for a very difficult commission :o and I did not expect someone to be able to do this commission.
      In the end it was possible Kaisa_I is just sooo talented :3 looking forward for another commission when she is not so busy :O.
      I really recommend her :3
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    20. I commissioned Kasia_I to make a G’raha Tia (FFXIV) cosplay outfit for my Ringdoll Ao Oni. They did an absolutely amazing job with the outfit, wig, ears and tail — he looks perfect dressed, and the detailing is amazing. I can’t wait to commission them again!
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