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Feedback for Katia :3

Nov 9, 2006

    1. Well. I just think it could be nice with a feedback thread ^^'
    2. ^O^ oh! i'm the first one!

      Katia is really a good buyer~nice to deal with X3 thank you!
    3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful XD! Friendly, speedy and a really great person to deal with :D Thankyou Katia~~ (And Alastor too, for being a patient and beautiful model ;D)
    4. Kati is An amazing Seller, I'm not just saying this because she is my favorite Danish Girl;) But she really is great. I purchased my Elf Ducan from Kati, and she was Fast, Reliable, and just A great and Honest Person to deal with. Thank you Kati:D
    5. I sold a shirt to Katia and she is absolutely wonderful to deal with. She paid very quickly and kept wonderful communication. Thank you again~ :daisy
    6. Bought a pair of eyes from Katia, and they're beautiful! She shipped fast and safely, and I can't wait to try them out in the doll they're intended for :3. Thanks so much!
    7. Katia was fabulous to deal with, and was really fast with shipping and replying to pms. Item arrived well packed and wrapped in awesome danish newspapers which meant we got to have fun reading that as well! EXTRA PRESENTS! (and getting to find out that Danes in Katia's area get to have double Supernatural. RIPPED OFF I WANT DOUBLE SUPERNATURAL!).

      Highly recommend Katia as a seller. ^_^
    8. Katia is a lovely buyer, she is prompt and always friendly with her PMs, and pays very quickly! I highly recommend her. :D
    9. I bought Ira-s Outfit (DOD) from Katia. The outfit is just as her described it.
      She's so nice and ever reply the pm's quickly. Very fast shipping, thank you so much! ^___^
    10. Katia is a great person to deal with! XD
      Yay!! *loves her Dollga wigs, I-ra's feet and DOC s-hooks* :D

      Cookies and cake for you!:cake:
    11. Katia is very good to buy. i bought two heads from her, and we communicated very smoothly. i do love those two head, thank you:)
    12. Bought Elf Ducan from her. She was very nice and friendly during the auction even though the auction was a bit confusing at times, she still handled it smoothly and answered all my questions. Shipping took a while but she did warn me about that and he was well packaged. Though the tracking confused me greatly but I blame the mail service, not her on that one. ^^
    13. Katia purchased a wig from me and was very pleasant to do business with! Very quick payment and great communication! Thank you!
    14. She bought a Yuu from me, and we have also traded lots of items!!

      Katia is one the most trustworthy and friendliest members I have ever dealt with <3
    15. I just did a trade with Katia and she was so wonderful to work with! She shipped my clothes out right away and they got here super fast, she even let me know as soon as her clothes got there :) I highly recommend Katia to everyone :D Thanks again, Ashlyn loves her school gril outfit
    16. We had a wonderful transaction with Katia. Quick payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    17. Katia paid for the glass eyes she bought from me super fast, and is very pleasant to deal with. Perfect transaction! Great DOA member!
    18. I bought my Elf Kumi from Katia, and she was very pleasant to deal with. Thank you.
    19. Another great transaction with Katia!

      I bought her Elf Ivan, plus a Homme Kirill outfit and some DOC boots, and everything arrived in perfect condition.

      Yay, and heart boxers and beanie!!! <3

      Love and cookies for Katia cause she's great!! :aheartbea:fangirl:
    20. another positive feedback for Katia ^^
      fast payment for a fur wig~~~thank you :)