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Feedback for Kattunge

May 6, 2011

    1. Hello!

      Here's the place for feedback relating to me and hopefully it's all good.

      Thank you. :)
    2. I bought a Resin Soul Bei from Kattunge. She was friendly, cooperative and fast. The doll arrived safely and pretty quickly. She even upgraded the shipping because the difference was small. I am really in love with this little girl ^^ and hope to be able to mod her into what I want. I would definitely make business with Kattunge again and I am just sad we weren't able to meet in person to do the transaction. Thank you for everything!
    3. I bought a Bobobie Isabella and two wigs from Kattunge, and the transaction was a delight. Kattunge was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. She shipped really fast, and I got it in two days! When it arrived, the package was clean, and so beautifully wrapped, I almost didn't want to open her. I received extras too! Thank you so much Kattunge, I would love to do business with you again. :)
    4. I bought a MNF Rheia from Kattunge, and she was a dream to work with! She let me do a short layaway, and made sure to ship my girl out so fast after I paid her off. Very friendly, and her communication is flawless...HIGHLY Recommended seller :)
    5. Earlier this week I purchased an AoD Yu Luo from Kattunge. She let me put him on hold for a few days while I got my money together, and then shipped him off once my payment was sent. I just got him today and I am thrilled. He was packed really well and was in absolute perfect condition. He could have come straight from the company. Throughout the transaction, Kattunge kept up great communication. Always quick with responses and easy to understand. Over all A+++ buying experience. :)
    6. Ipurchased a wig and eyes from Kattunge, She was Awesome, everything was beautiful and Prefect!
      My highest recommends to all that buy or sell.
      :daisy Thank you Liz :daisy
    7. I bought a Bobobie Bei from Kittunge. It was an excellent transaction from beginning to end. The doll arrived quickly and was packaged well. Kittunge sent little extras and even refunded some shipping when she felt she overcharged. I would buy from her again any time. And the doll is adorable!!! Thank you!!
    8. I bought from Kittunge a MNF Shushu.
      Her replies were fast despite the fact that she was moving.
      The doll was posted out within a few days of payment.

      I'd say, this is a positive feedback :)
    9. Just bought a LTF Lishe from them. Was super fast to ship her out and amazingly nice to work with!
    10. I sold some clothes toKattunge.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very much!^0^
    11. I bought a Pukifee seal fp to Kattunge, the communication was exelent, and she send me the little head immediatly!

      I enjoyed to deal with her!
      Thank you
    12. I bought a Supia Muse from Kattunge, and she was friendly and courteous throughout. The doll arrived well-packaged and in great condition (with gifts!) and though there was a small mishap with some missing pieces, she was quick to send them out at her own expense. Would definitely do business with her again. Thanks so much! ^^
    13. Kattunge recently purchased a Doll-family A practice head from me. She paid promptly and informed me when the head arrived. She was wonderful to deal with, and I would recommend dealing with her! Thanks so much for the wonderful transaction!
    14. I had purchased a minifee Ryeon from Kattunge, she sent it off promptly and packaged her very securely. Kattunge is patient with answering all my questions before the purchase and had even included a pair of eyes for my new girl :D

      Thank you!
    15. Kattunge bought a doll from me and the transaction was smooth and pleasant. :) The buyer was prompt, super cordial and very understanding. I would love to deal with the super A++++++++++ of a buyer again! :thumbup

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea
    16. I bought eyes from Kattunge. We had a friendly transaction that went smoothly. Thanks.

    17. I bought Kattunge's Pure Rosette Marguerite from her, we had quick and clear communication for the whole transaction! She let me do a short layaway and let me know as soon as she was in the mail.

      Thank you for a wonderful transaction! :aheartbea
    18. I purchased a doll family A head from Kattunge on friday. It arrived monday in perfect condition. It was wrapped super well and the whole box was padded with foam.
      Kattunge was very fast at answering my questions and the payment went smoothly. :) Thanks Kattunge!
    19. I purchased a pair of sd/hound sized clothing from kattunge. She was a real pleasure to work with, kind, swift with replies and sending and the package arrived well packed. The clothes are so wonderful, love them! And the little thank you card was ever so sweet. I would certainly deal wih kattunge again and can recommend her to everyone :)
    20. POSITIVE.

      Kattunge purchased a Delf Lishe from me after a short negotiation on lowering the price. After I agreed, Kattunge's payment was quick and communication was great. I would definitely do business with her again. :) Thank you for a great transaction!