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Feedback for KawaiiCloud

Feb 3, 2010

    1. KawaiiCloud bought a head from me. She was nice and paid quickly, and informed me when the head arrived. Positive feedback! :chocoheart
    2. Positive feedback for Kawaii Cloud ^^
      She bought some itens on my Leeke GO. No problems with transaction or payments. <:
    3. I sold a pair of hands to KawaiiCloud. It was a great transaction, good communication and swift payment.

      Thank you very much!
    4. KawaiiCloud bought some shoes and a little prop from me.
      Super quick and extremely friendly!

      Awesome to work with!
    5. KawaiiCloud Bought a head from me, easy to communicate with and told me when the
      head arrived. Would definitely buy from her again. :3

    6. KawaiiCloud bought Galena wing from me.
      All transaction is smooth and wonderfully.
      On time payment and let me know when got an item.
      Highly recommended for ^^
    7. kawaiicloud bought a modded soom ai head from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^
    8. I got a few feeds for Kawaii Cloud :3

      - I hosted a split for a Luxullia and KC bought her head.
      - She was part of a Migma split [for the body and h. head].
      - We did some small orders together too.

      She's perfect with negotiations, paid fast and didn't caused any trouble in our transactions.

      Recomended again ^^ <3
    9. KawaiiCloud hosted a small GO for wigs where I joined in ^^
      She is a darling and I reccomend her to everyone
    10. Moooooar feeds for KawaiiCloud!
      I hosted a GO of SOOM parts and KC was one of the members. She bought a pair of SGem hands and made a quickly payment! We also did a GO for some doll stuff from mimiwoo and, again, everything was okay.
      Is always a pleasant experience to deal with her. <3
    11. I bought a Luts event head from KawaiiCloud and I couldn't wish for a better transaction! &#9829; She was really kind and patient, fast with answers and shipping. :) Thank you very much! &#9829;
    12. KawaiiCloud sold me a Luts Xia head.Smooth communication and fast delivery.Positive feedback!
    13. Super smooth transaction with KawaiiCloud! She sold me a Zuzu Delf Romantic Leo head and it went perfectly! The head was perfect, great communication and we met so she could give me the item. Recommended :)
    14. Another positive feedback for this cutie <3

      KawaiiCloud bought a SOOM Lami in pink skin from me using layaway and paid everything in time! She also sold me a leeke wig and a pair of SD boots in a doll meeting! All our transactions are always smooth and I couldn't be more pleased with all them!

      Thank you dear~~
    15. POSITIVE ^^
      KawaiiCloud joined a GO I was hosting on Alice's Collections website and everything was nice! She paid promptly and the communication was always great! I wouldn't hesitate in having KawaiiCloud in another hosted order!
    16. I forgot to post it in a single feedback, so here we go again :)

      KawaiiCloud joined in my SOOM Rang split and ordered the sleeping Rang with all the fantasy parts. She's VERY patient and waited during all the time without and concern. Our order had a lot of problems with customs, but luckly everything ended fine!

      POSITIVE feedback