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Feedback for Kayke

Jul 28, 2007

    1. <:

      Feedback thread for people I've sold to and bought from!
    2. Kayke was an incredibly nice buyer! Great communication, very friendly, and, overall, a lovely person to deal with.
    3. Kayke kept me informed while shipping, despite real life getting in the way. Friendly and good to deal with. :)
    4. kayke commissioned some wigs from me and was really pleasant to deal with.
    5. I bought a multi-color fur wig from Kayke. She was a joy to deal with, shipped the wig out quickly, and it arrived in great shape. I'd definitely do business with her again. :)
    6. I know kayke in real life and have bought things from her before. She is dependable and focused on making transactions pleasant and quick. ^__^ Great seller and friend.
    7. Kayke was a friendly seller and kept me inform. She is easy to communicate with (and to contact) and was prompt to respond to any inquiries I had. I would do business with her again.
    8. i did a trade with kayke and she was awsome^^ she even sent me a how to sheet on how to restring the body(i was avoiding that part forever).^^
    9. i bought a pair of msd boots from kayke... the price was great, packaging was impressive, shipping was fast and the boots i ordered were exactly what i wanted <3 i'd love to do business with her again!
    10. ... and look, i did!

      bought two more clothing items from her. everything went great once again and she was quick to notify me when my purchase was in the post!

      lots of :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbeas for her ^__^
    11. Kayke sold me her cherry and she was so sweet and helpful through everything! :3 she even put the cutie doll on-hold until I had money.
      I wouldnt mind doing business with her again :3
    12. Bought a body from me with her friend. Payed right away and excellent commubication. Would sell to again!
    13. I sold a Johnny Depp MiniMee head to Kayke. She was an awesome buyer. Very enthusiastic, polite, and nice. Payment came quick and without trouble. She also promptly let me know when the head arrived. ^^
    14. Kayke purchased a wig from me! Great communication and super fast payment! Would do business with again!!
    15. Kayke purchased a pair of boots from me. Great communication and fasy payment! Kayke is a very nice person to deal with! Thank you!!! :)
    16. I bought a Minimee body from kayke. It arrived in great condition and looks lovely on my guy! Hope to do business with her again!
    17. Purchased a minimee body from kayke, and the transaction was superb! She's an excellent seller with remarkable communication! Thank you!!!
    18. I got mad fast shipping from Kayke.
      Not too mention the AS Cap & Goggles!

      Thanks again.​
    19. Bought a pair of boots, communication was great and shipping insanely fast :D Would love to deal with again!
    20. Bought a minimee head from Kayke~ Good communication and he arrived within a week.
      Pleasure doing business with her~