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Feedback for Kayley // Papillon Studio

Jul 21, 2006

    1. Hi there! ^^

      If you have bought or dealt with me before, I would appreciate any feedback here.

    2. I just wanted to say that i dealt with Kayley & was very pleased with her work on my Lishe head, she was good in communicating & i look forward to sending her work in the future :-)
    3. Just had a transaction with Kayley and it couldn't have been better. Thanks so much, :fangirl:
    4. I bought from Kayley a while ago, and it was a pleasant transaction:D Thank you!!
    5. I bought from kayley as well. Communication was good and my bag arrived soon after she said she sent it off. Would buy from her again. ^_^
    6. i have 3 face-ups done by kayley. her work is excellent and high quality. She is friendly to work with, has good communication, and packages things securely.
    7. I bought a Tanned Uyoo from Kayley, with a custom faceup done by Kayley herself and I could not be happier with the doll or the transaction!

      Communication was great, friendly and prompt always. The doll herself was exactly as described, very well packed and shipped super speedily!

      About Kayley's faceup - all I can say is that when I saw the Uyoo on the Soom site, I wasn't impressed. I didn't like her one bit and I never thought I would get one until I saw Kayley's. The faceup MADE the doll, and she's absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic work, and one of my most beautiful dolls.

      Highly recommended!

      Thanks again, Kayley!

      - Wendy
    8. Kayley is wonderful to work with and an excellent artist! She was quick and very good at communicating :D
      I'd definitely recommend her as a face-up artist!
    9. I had a face-up done on my boy by Kayley and just wanted to say that she was a pleasure to work with! She does beautiful work and keeps in contact with you throughout the whole process! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
    10. I just had a beautiful face-up done by Kayley! She does excellent work, she is fast and very easy to communicate with!

      Thank you!
    11. I made a purchase from Kayley. Communication was perfect and I appreciate the fast shipping! Thank you.
    12. I purchased an item from Kayley and received it very quickly and was kept updated on its' status. A very nice transaction!
    13. I recently purchased a pair of Mio jeans from Kayley. She was so nice to work with - communication was great, shipping was speedy, and the jeans arrived in perfect condition, just as described. All in all, an excellent transaction. :)

    14. I purchased a hoodie from Kayley and she was a dream to work with! Great communication and quick shipping. Thanks!
    15. I made a purchase from Kayley, a wonderful book I want to offer to a friend of mine, the book is in a wonderful condition and wrapping is excellent, so I'm very satisfied, thank you very much Kayley !
    16. Purchased a sweet little lusis from Kayley. Very well done- lovely fresh faceup. Thanks Fitz
    17. I bought a Teen Trends outfit from Kayley. She is a wonderful seller.

      The item was in mint condition. She was very helpful, replied to PMs quickly and constantly keeps you up-to-date on your items e.g. in my case, the mail sent my item back for unknown reasons. I really appreciate the fact that she kept me informed. So yeah, great seller and I'd definitely buy from her again.
    18. I bought from Kayley. Great communication and fast shipping!!!
    19. I could not be happier with Kayley not only is she kind and considerate, but she does amazing face-ups as well! She updated me frequently, answered all my questions, and shipped my head very quickly. I will definantly be requesting more face-ups from her, she is great! I highly reccommend her to everyone! :):aheartbea Thank you so much Kayley!
    20. I commissioned a face up from Kayley. she did a fantastic job! I am very pleased with her talent for painting dolls. Thank you Kayley! My doll head arrived at Kayley's 10/16 and she came home 11/29. After she got her first face up Kayley said she noticed a chip in the MSC and had to do her over again. She's honest and her work is great.