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Feedback for KaywinnitLeeFrye

Apr 30, 2010

    1. Okay, I'm starting my feedback thread now since I've purchased stuff and am about to fully participate in the marketplace!
    2. Kaywinnit participated in my Soom Bronze Aphan split for the outfit and shoes. She paid quckly, was wonderful to work with, and was super understanding when I started a job right after the split arrived and couldn't ship for almost a week. Would happily work with her again, if givent he opportunity!
    3. Bought two blouse from Kaywinnit and had a wonderful transaction and recieved great stuff. Would definitely do business with them again.
    4. I recently purchased a dress off the market place from Kaywinnitleefrye, I wish everything I bought off the market place shipped so quickly!

      Great communication and FAST shipping!!!:)
    5. I did a face up for Kaywinnitleefrye who was super sweet and great thoughout the whole thing. Would definitely work with them again!
    6. KaywinnitLeeFrye was in my KA eyes group order.
      She is a very nice person to work with! Payment was quick and communication was flawless.
      Excellent participant! Will love to do business again! Highly recommended!