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Feedback for Kbial

Dec 4, 2006

    1. I you have had a transaction with me please leave feedback for me. I will do in kind if you point me in the direction of your feedback thread.

      [About time I had one of those~!]

      I have been selling, buying and trading on D.o.A. since the forums beginning ,as well as on Den of Angels Yahoo group.

      Thank you,

      "Kat" B.
    2. I Spring Stroll Liz from Kat during the last Volks lottery. She kept me updated on the shipping dates from Volks and shipped Liz immediately upon her receipt. Excellent seller. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Kat again.
    3. I am very happy with my transaction with Kat and recommend her as a great seller! ^^
    4. I bought Magical Michael from Kbial and it was a very smooth transaction. I am very pleased and would definately not hesitate to trade with her again. ^_^
    5. Kat's an excellent buyer. She bought a SP Kill_U head from me and keep in communication with me during the transaction. I highly recommend her.

    6. I just purchased a Volks Toppi from Kat and I couldn't be happier. The whole transaction went very smoothly, and Kat was wonderful to work with during the entire sale. Communication was quick, she sent answered all my questions promptly and took great care to find the most efficient shipping. Most important of all is that Toppi arrived to me just as promised, in perfect condition and adorable. Thanks Kat!
    7. Kbial is an excellent buyer. The whole transaction went smooth, she replied very promptly to all my pm's and the price of the doll was a very good one. She picked out the most effecient shipping. All in all I will not hesitate to buy from her again^^!
    8. I purchased a Hewitt 2 from kbial, and he arrived promptly, well-packaged, and in perfect condition, exactly as described. I couldn't be happier.
    9. I bought a Kill-U SP head from kbial through a very smooth and easy transaction. Top shipping, real fast and the head's in perfect condition, I highly recommend her as a seller. Thanks again!
    10. just received my F16 head from Kbial and he is perfect!
      Thanks for a great transaction :aheartbea Would do it all again!