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Feedback for KeelyVH

Mar 6, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for any transaction for KeelyVH or Keely's Cute Kimono here!

      THANK YOU!! :D

      On an additional note - if you do have a problem with one of my items... please contact me and I am absolutely certain we can find a way to resolve the issue!! :D
    2. KeelyVH bought a wig from me. She was very sweet in all her PMs and sent payment very fast. Even let me know as soon as the wig arrived. She is a wonderful customer!
    3. keelyvh bought a doll head from me; everything was perfect. Communication was great, she paid quickly, and was very polite.

      Thank you again!
    4. Sold a wig to keelyvh. The transaction went very well. Great communication, polite, and prompt payment. ^___^ A wonderful buyer.
    5. Keelyvh sold me a ShuShu head - she shipped her out really quickly, and packaged her securely so her faceup was in perfect condition. She also gave me a choice about the eyes, and was very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of each set. She's an excellent seller.
    6. I commissioned a wa-lolita kimono from keelyvh, and to say I am thrilled would be an understatement! Not only did she go out of her way to find exactly the fabric I was looking for, but the quality and craftsmanship of her work is first-rate. PMs were quick and friendly, and the outfit was sewn and shipped out in no time at all. I highly, highly recommend this DOA'er, and would not hestitate to commission her again.

      Thank you, K! :)
    7. I commissioned a Wa-Loli Kimono as a surprise gift for my best friend in celebration of her first doll.
      keelyvh left my name off of her list and communicated with me through e-mail to keep the secret totally safe. She created an adorable high quality kimono that fit my friends doll like a glove with only the measurements she found off of DoA. She was very forgiving and patient when I realized that I hadn't payed her when I thought I did four days prior. Communication was absolutely stellar the entire time. She even wouldn't let me pay until she was finished she was sure that I was satisfied with the product. The wait time and shipping were both quick and the price was very reasonable. This was pretty much a perfect transaction. Can't say enough good stuff really. Both my friend and I are extremely pleased. Thanks so much for a great experience!
    8. made a custom design wa loli kimono for me, and ensured that i was stafistred with every step of the way <3 Very kind and wanted to make it the best she could. VERY promoted shipping and lovely to deal with. i know i will be buying more from her in the future ,3 Fantastic sewing skills <3
    9. KeelyVh commissioned 4 wa-loli kimono's for my yo-sd's. They are simply beautiful and breath taking. They match all personality's of my beautiful dolls. Her skills on the sewing machine are beautiful. It was worth the wait to get such beautiful dresses. I highly recommend her. Shipping and communication was very smooth. She will for sure see me again.
    10. Bought a wa-loli for a friend's birthday. We both ADORE the outfit! Absolutely would buy from again. Was sweet and very fast with shipping!
    11. keevlyvh bought an SD peakswood Skiya from me and she is a first rate buyer. Very quick with payment and understanding during the entire transaction. Would I do business with her again? Absolutely!
    12. I commissioned keelyVH for a wa-loli kimono. She worked with me all the steps through the way and I am extremely happy with the result. <3 the kimono is so cute I am sure I will get more! :D
    13. Again awesome transaction despite my being a spaz. Thank you!
    14. I commissioned a Yo wa-loli kimono from keelyvh and my experience was excellent. She promptly and thoroughly answered all my questions and she helped me pick through her large selection of fabrics to produce a very beautiful kimono for my Yo. The kimono is really well made too. The original obi was a little too tight, and to my surprise keelyvh offered to make me a new one! :aheartbea She sent a pre-paid envelope and was really sweet about the whole thing.

      I highly recommend keelyvh and her beautiful wa-loli kimonos! Thank you once again! :whitetruffle
    15. I bought a DM LE Glamorous Bust Leah Cox from keelyvh. She was very nice and great to work with. I highly recommend her and I would do business with her again. Thank you for a great transaction.
    16. I came back to commission keelyvh a second time because I just LOVE the dress she did for me last time.
      Once again I am IN LOVE! The new dress is cute beyond words <3
      At this rate I might have to turn all my boys into girls so they can all get one of these dresses! :D
    17. I commissioned a wa-loli kimono from keelyvh. I sent some fabric to her and she found wonderfully coordinating fabric and lace to go with it.
      She was a true gem to work with and I know should I even need another unique kimono again, she will be the first one I turn to. :)
    18. I commissioned a Wa-lolita outfit from keelyvh, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with! She let me choose what fabric I wanted and chose some amazing coordinating fabrics to use for the obi and trims. The quality is excellent, and I'm really amazed by how gorgeous it is in person. I would love to commission her again in the future~ ^^
    19. Commissioned a Wa-loli outfit from keelyvh for my little Mimi. Great communication and top notch work! She has also allowed me to choose fabric and I gave her liberty to coordinate colors and patterns. Everything game out so well! Thank you so much!! <3 Will definitely commission again for my incoming PKF!