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Feedback for Kei-chan2008

May 10, 2009

    1. Please write feedback for me:aheartbea
    2. I sold a body to her, she was really lovely to deal with!
      She paid promptly as she promised and everything went smoothly.
      A very good buyer indeed ;)

      Thank you!
    3. Kei-chan2008 commissioned a faceup from me and even thought there were complications with the shipping to me she was always friendly and made all run really smooth. Thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it ^_^
    4. Kei-chan bought a Luts Howl head from me, and was very gracious in my dealing with International shipping, which I'm not too experienced with. She kept me informed along the way and was a pleasure to sell to!
    5. Sold and fdoll body to Kei-chan2008, communication was good. Payment fast. Recommended buyer.
    6. Sold a wig to kei-chan, transaction went around without a hitch, great communication and quick payments. Thanks!
    7. Kei-chan2008 bought a head from me, is a very nice buyer.
      Thanks for Wonderful communication:D
    8. Excellent transaction with Kei-chan2008 who purchased a dress from me. Payment was very fast and communication was great. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thanks! :aheartbea
    9. I sold a doll head to Kei-chan2008 ^^ She was very polite, and sent her payment immediately~! She was lovely to work with, and the transaction was smooth ♥
    10. I bought a Luts Winter Event Head from Kei-chan2008.
      Everything was really excellent and the head is wonderful :)
    11. Kei-chan2008 bought a howl head from me, payment was received quickly & communication was great! Great buyer, would deal with again ^__^
    12. Kei-chan2008 commissioned a face up from me, the transaction and communication was smooth and friendly, and she paid quickly. Definitively recommended! Thank you very much!
    13. I bought a School A from Kei-chan2008. Great communication and quick shipping, the head arrived very well packed and safe.
      Thank you so much!
    14. I sold a wig to her. She was fast with payment and polite with communication. Recommended buyer!!
    15. I sold a body to her,and she is nice,and she loves the body,too.I am so happy with this.Good buyer!!^ ^
    16. I sold a Regen head to Kei-Chan2008. She paid quickly and communication was good! I was having an internet breakdown at that period of time but Kei-Chan2008 was understanding and patient during this period of time.

      It was nice dealing with her.
    17. Kei-Chan2008 commissioned a face-up from me. She was very friendly and communicative and paid fast :)
    18. I sold a head to her (SWITCH's SHINO).
      She paid promptly! It was so fast.
      Also, she is very kind & good byuer. :-)

      Thank you!
    19. Kei-chan bought a SOOM Afi fauna head from me. Payment was quick and the whole transaction went smoothly! I'd defiantely sell to Kei again :)
    20. Kei-chan2008 purchased a pair of dollheart cameo shoes from me. she paid promptly and kept excellent communication! thanks so much for the excellent transaction!