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Feedback for KeiCai_Ayan ~

Feb 2, 2007

    1. I bought 2 F2BM shirts for girl, I received them really fast and I loved them ^^
      Thanks!! It was a pleasure dealing with you <3
    2. I bought an FTBM shirt for my boy from KeiCai_Ayan. She communicated well and shipped very fast. A pleasure doing business with you! :daisy
    3. Bought a wig from KeiCai_Ayan, and everything went perfectly smoothly! Will certainly buy from her again! :)
    4. Sold a wig to KeiCai_Ayan. She's a great buyer!! Quick communication and payment! Highly recommended! Thanks~!
    5. Hope this is the right thread -

      Participated in KeiCai_Ayan's Peroth head group order, and it was received at today~! Everything went very well, and it was very organized, even after delays on the artist's end. >.< Thanks so much!
    6. Bought Yo-SD Pj's from Kei, She's very nice and fast to ship ^^
      Thank you ~
    7. I bought a 6-7 wig from KeiCai_Ayan, and it arrived just as described and it was exactly what I was looking for!

      Would definitely do business with her again XD

      Thanks so much <3
    8. I bought a Nighfallwalker shirt from KeiCai_Ayan. She was very pleasant to deal with; great communication, the item was just as described and packed well. Thanks again~! :D
    9. I bought a wig from her; even though it was shipped a little late, she offered and gave me a refund on shipping withot even asking, AND she drew a picture of my narae as a gift! Thank you so much again :D
    10. I bought a wig a couple weeks ago before DOA went down. It arrived safely and Tighe is even wearing it right now. Thanks so much, KeiCai_Ayan is a wonderful seller!
    11. This is a bit old but bought a wig from Kei for my KDF woori, transaction was wonderful!
    12. I bought a set of yo-sd sized clothes, they were shipped out quickly and are super cute! :chocoberry
    13. Bought a beanie from Kei and received quick reply, along with super fast shipping. ^^~ I loved the quality and fit of it too~

      Thanks a lot! 8D
    14. KeiCai_Ayan gets a big :thumbup:thumbup for being an awesome seller!
    15. I bought a pair of F2BM capris from KeiCai_Ayan. Payment was easy, and shipment was fast. Thanks~
    16. Asked for a hold on a higher priced item she'd been selling <33 she held it for me without any problems and was very nice about it!! ^_____^ Her shipping was VERY prompt and everything arrived in great condition! Thanks so much!!
    17. Bought some cute checkered shorts from her, and they came fast and she's super nice! ^___^ :aheartbea Thanks!! My boy loves it!
    18. I bought a hand from KeiCai_Ayan and she was wonderful. Also she really went above and beyond to pack it well in a cute little plastic box so that it would arrive safely. I am so grateful :aheartbea
    19. I bought a pair of hands from her, and everything went smooth like butter <3
      She was fast to ship (only a couple of days later than what estimated, and she even offered me a slight refund, the darling >w<'''), and the hands arrived safe and sound to me, well packed and pretty.

      A good person to deal with, great communication! Wouldn't hesitate to do business again :3
    20. I bought a shirt from KeiCai_Ayan! She's an awesome seller, excellent communication by far (especially when there were difficulties with the post) and I'd be more than happy to deal with her again. Thanks again! :]