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Feedback for keii_chan

Jul 10, 2006

    1. i didn't notice the new rules yet :|

      anyways, if you have feedback for me please post :)
    2. keii_chan bought some eyes from me. ^^ It was a good and smooth transaction. Thank you, hon!
    3. I bought a set of "Black souldoll eyes"from keii_chan and as far as I am concerned everything went just fine but keii_chan took great pride and care in the transaction to follow-up on the delivery taking longer than it probably should have but all is well and they were delivered perfectly :sumomo: .......... Thanks for everything :abow:
    4. Very fast payment, great communication, thank you! :)
    5. keii-chan is wonderful fast and very friendly she even added a little xmas present for charlie!! shes really sweet and i would tell anyone and everyone to buy things from her ^_^
    6. Very cool seller. I bought one pair of shoes from her. Keii-chan is great to deal with. Transaction went so well that I just bought another pair from her ;)
    7. Great buyer, fast payment and great communication, very nice to work with- thank you!!
    8. Wonderful seller. Very fast, very friendly and informative. The cute message was sweet too, thanks. ^__^
    9. i bought a shirt from keii_chan, and i hope she sells more stuff in the future so i can buy more! :mwahaha
    10. I bought a shirt from Keii_chan: it was a completely problem-free transaction, she was very friendly and even included a free shirt as well! :D Thank you!
    11. I bought a doll from Keii_chan and I am very happy.
      Everything went fine. The boy was packt safe in lots of bubblewrap.
      Keii_chan made a very fast transaction.
      Thanks a lot.
    12. Wonderful transaction with Keii_chan & great communication. Enjoy! :)
    13. keii_chan bought a wig from me and paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with! thank you so much for a smooth transaction....
    14. keii_chan bought a wig from me. It was nice and smooth transaction.
      Payment was fast and great communication.
      Thank you!
    15. Sold a pair of eyes to Keii_chan and the transaction went beautifully! She was even kind enough to understand when the first time the eyes were missplaced and waited patiently for us to find them.

      Overall a wonderful buyer. I would definately recommend!
    16. keii_chan bought doll clothes from me. we had a smooth and easy transaction. Excellent buyer with good communication! ^^
    17. keii_chan bought some doll clothes from me. Swift payment and great communication made it a smooth transaction. ^_^ Thank you.
    18. Sold a wig to Keii-chan and it was a very easy transaction with great communication :)
    19. Keii-chan Bought a dress from me and was very prompt in paying and letting me know when it arrived. Thanks so much!
    20. I bought a pair of glasses from keii_chan and they arrived in perfect condition. :)