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Feedback for keiinwonderland

Sep 2, 2006

    1. I bought a dollzone megi boy from her. She was really helpfull and even chatted with me through Y!IM To keep in touch! I adore the boy. I was suprised when he came in a DZ box with two pillows too, and one eye green the other blue! He's gorgeous. The faceup is great and she took very good care of him! He didn't come a day too late or early, the same day the wig came! :) She's a good person to buy from, the doll was not damaged at all, the box looked like it had been through just a little bumps but he was soooooo wrapped in bubble wrap and tissues that he was mumbling for me to hurry up and get him out of his mummification wrappings! ^_^ Yays!. (Plus I think the bumps came from the Postal service..no matter what I order from where, the box/bag gets damaged. ~_~)