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Feedback for Keladry

Oct 3, 2006

    1. Well, this is my feedback thread! So far, I haven't bought or sold much here on DoA, but you can also check my feedback on Ebay here (most of it is in german, but you can see that it's all positive).
    2. Keladry is the best buyer you could hope for!

      I sold her a Happydoll Huey, who is now the very adorable Darius, I can see he will be very pampered! she was polite and friendly throughout the transaction and has kept me updated on how he is which is really nice, not every buyer will do that!

    3. I sold a Mini fee shu shu head to Keladry, who paid with super sonic speed even without seeing a pic of the head and waited a week until i shipped it as I was away.
      She is super sweet and friendly and very patient and I would recommend her to everyone 110% I had a perfect transaction with her and would gladly do so again anytime.
      Huge thankies (((*>.<*)))
    4. Another positive feedback for Keladry!

      She is a lovely buyer; good communication and fast payment.

      It's also nice to know that the dolls will be well looked ^^
    5. Keladry bought me a custom house marco and she has been perfect : very nice to talk with, patient and she paid very quickly ! It was a perfect transaction ^^
    6. Kelandry bought a DollLove Ke from me. She was perfect to deal with: great communication, payed quickly and very nice :) It was a pleasure doing business with her!
    7. Keladry gave my AOD Nini a new home after i had to take her off hte marketplace due to an accident which broke her face-plate. After some reapirs done by my mother, Keladry was happy to adopt her, and the transaction was smooth, excellent and with a wonderful buyer!

    8. Did a trade with Keladry, her MSD sized stuff for my Kid Dollmore Ciel head.
      Her half of the trade arrived at my house this morning, and eveything is in epic condition and arrived really quickly!
      Great communication too :D
    9. I bought a DollZone Kay from Keladry. The transaction went perfect, the doll came quickly and was so well packed even a hurricane couldn't damage the doll. Thank you.
    10. Keladry bought my DBDoll Adai.
      The communication was great, she was really fast to answer, and sweet to communicate with. She paid as fast as she could, and even before the time she said she would ^^
      I was happy to do business with her.
    11. Keladry bought my DM Miro/CH hybrid doll. She is a very trustworthy and reliable buyer - she asked if I could hold the doll for her and gave a date when she could pay, and payment was right on time :) She also let me know as soon as the doll arrived safely. I would be happy to do business with her again.
    12. positive feedback for Keladry!

      She is a lovely seller; good communication and fast shippment and my doll is so adorable
    13. I purchased the Greta chick feet from Keladry, and was rather surprised to find all of the chick parts in the box! I'm very surprised and grateful. Well packaged and shipped out quickly. I would very much do business with her again!
    14. 100% Positive Feedback for Keladry!
      I bought Kid Dollmore Miro head from Keladry. The head was well pakaged and shipped very fast. That was an extra surprise in the pakage ^ ^
      Great communication :) Thank you, Keladry!
    15. I sold a Soom doll head to Keladry and it was a pleasant transaction. She paid quickly and always had great communication. I would do business with her again. ;)
      Thank you so much. :D
    16. I participated in Keladry's Soom Lami Split.^^
      Everything was fine. I would definitely do business with her again.
      Thank you so much. <3
    17. Keladry part-exchanged a Dikadoll Berry for my Angelheim Kozy and everything's gone beautifully! :) She paid the remaining balance right away and send her part of the trade out the following day - she arrived today and is just the cutest little thing! Beautifully packaged as well, she was absolutely safe as houses ^_^

      I'm delighted and would be thrilled to deal with Keladry again, either in trade, buying or selling, ANY TIME :) Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    18. I've joined Kaladry's SOOM Lami split for the boots. Everything went smooth and wonderful. Thanks a lot!
    19. Keladry was kind enough to answer my WTB thread for a Laia head. She shipped quickly after I had paid, and little Laia arrived in perfect condition, she was packed very safely.
      Thank you so much again, I couldn't be more happy :aheartbea
    20. I bought a SOOM Lami surprised head from Keladry. All communication was really friendly and Keladry was a pleasure to deal with. The head was packaged very well, and it is sooo cute! :whee: Keladry also included some beautiful eyes and a super cute wig. I'm so happy with my purchase!

      Thank you, Keladry! :)