Feedback for Kellyemm

Oct 26, 2018

    1. I'm creating a member feedback thread for Kellyemm. She bought a doll from me, and it was a perfect transaction! She paid quickly, and communication was fast and very pleasant. She let me know when the doll arrived safely. Thank you so much!
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    2. Kellyemm purchased a Merry Doll Round Dango from me. She was quick to respond and let me know when she received the doll. Overall a very pleasant transaction. :3nodding:
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    3. I bought a DD Kirito from KellyEm. She was super friendly in her communications to me and kept me updated when she shipped him. She packed him very well so he could arrive safely.

      I definitely recommend her as seller and I would do more transactions with her. :)
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    4. KellyEm purchased a Bimong head from me. Very quick payment and good communication. A pleasure!!
    5. @kellyemm purchased my Tan Minifee Eva, and she's a wonderful buyer! She communicated with me quickly, and paid quickly. Really glad to have worked with her, she's a wonderful buyer!
    6. I bought a Volks Dollfie Dream from @kellyemm The entire transaction was just wonderful!
      Communication, shipping and packing were all superb!
      Highly recommend! Thanks so much!
    7. I purchased Youpla Olive from @kellyemm . Excellent communication and packing! Highly recommend.
      Thank you!
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    8. Kellyemm bought an Iplehouse Rexy from me and the transaction was a pleasant one. Communication and payment was prompt and I was informed when the doll arrived to her place. I hope you'll love your new girl :D thanks again!
    9. Kellyemm bought a Fairyland Minifee Karsh from me ; fast payment, great communicaton, a very good and smooth transaction. Thank you !
    10. Kellyemm bought me an alpaca mnf wig
      The communication was great, the payment fast. Unfortunately the package took a very long time to arrive because of the postal services. She was very nice and patient and she refund me when finally she received the wig, she is a trusted person, thanks a lot :)
    11. Just finished a perfect transaction with Kellyemm! I was able to purchase via a short layaway, a DD Asuna! She arrived safely and just as described! I’d love to deal with her again and would definitely recommend! Thank you!:thumbup
    12. I sold an alpaca hardcap minifee wig to @kellyemm - it was a fabulous transaction!
      Every contact was friendly and prompt; super speedy paypal; AND she let me know
      when the wig arrived safely and that she was pleased with it too!
      Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction!!! :)