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Feedback for Kendrah

Feb 5, 2010

    1. This is the thread where you will leave any feedback for me, Kendrah. Though I have not conducted many transactions as of yet, it is my hope to be more active in the marketplace in the future. Thank you in advance for working with me! :aheartbea
    2. Kendrah bought a couple of doll accessories from me. She was very friendly and paid very quickly. A real pleasure to deal with. ^_^ Would happily sell to again! Thanks again! Enjoy your items!
    3. Kendrah bought a Latidoll Chaim from me.

      She paid by layaway, and was wonderful! I have always been wary of layaway arrangements, but seriously- it couldn't have gone better at all! Her payments were on time, and she even finished the layaway early! :) Her communication is excellent, she is always friendly, and I would most certainly deal with her again!
    4. Kendrah bought a Migma Hallow Head from me and the communication was awesome and payment was very prompt! A very easy transaction and I would recommend Kendrah and do business again!