Feedback for ker246

Jul 7, 2016

    1. This lovely lady, ker246, purchased a Volks SD10 body from me. She was wonderful to communicate with and the transaction went as smooth as could be. All questions were thoughtful and very polite.

      I would highly recommend her and would not hesitate to enter into future transactions. Thank you again!
    2. Ker246 commissioned me to do a faceup for her Alice in Labyrinth Daryl. She provided detailed faceup requests and is easy to deal with. She is very polite and very clear what to be done on her girl's faceup. Ker246 is awesome! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience working with you and your girl :)
    3. Ker246 and I did a 6 month Souldoll layaway split together, she was an absolutely perfect split partner. She sent all her payments for the split on time or early, many times before I would even send out the monthly reminder. Very patient and pleasant, her communication and decisiveness made all aspects of the transaction hassle free and easy. Highly recommend her for any transactions, and would gladly do another transaction with her again.
    4. Ker246 bought a pair of Volks hands from me and it was a very pleasant transaction with friendly communication and swift payment. Recommended :)
    5. I've sold a Volks DWC03 head to ker246! Communication was flawless, she was always very friendly and polite, payment was done swiftly and she was very patient until I managed to get home to ship the head out. Amazing transaction, great buyer, would most definitely do business with again! Thank you so much! <3