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Feedback For Kereneko.

Jul 11, 2008

    1. Planning on doing some buying and selling in the future. Leave me feedback. =]
    2. Kereneko bought a wig from me, paid quickly and kept friendly communication. A very pleasant transaction, would gladly do business with again. (Thank you!)
    3. Kereneko bought some pants from me for her boy. She paid fast and was nice enough to let me know when she had them in hand. Thanks, Marie K
    4. Kereneko accepted a random jacket commission from me! The price was reasonable and the quality of the jacket is amazing. She made it as soon as she received my old jacket and sent it out as soon as she was finished/able.
      Thanks again! It's sooo cute!
    5. Kereneko purchased several items from me, and she paid right away, and let me know when the items arrived. Thanks so much!! :)
    6. I purchased a Dollmore Kimono set from Kereneko, who was nice enough to put it on hold for me, then shipped it out fast. Pleasure doing business with you, thanks!
    7. I sold Kereneko a Flora face plate and the transaction was just great!!!!!
    8. Great transaction with Kereneko who sold me a puki faceplate. Thanks!!
    9. Kereneko bought an MSD outfit from me - great communication and prompt payment. Flawless and great transaction - highly recommend. Thanks!
    10. Kereneko was super awesome and offered to pick up some glass eyes she found locally and send them to me. The eyes arrived super fast and well packed! :)
    11. I was in a GO with Kereneko for some KonDoll wigs and she was great to work with! Everything went well with no problems at all. She kept us all informed along the way and is just so sweet. <3 I highly recommend her for all sales. ^^/
    12. Joined a Kondoll GO ran by Kereneko. For her first time running a GO, she did an excellent job! :D
    13. Participated in Kereneko's KonDoll GO, and everything went great~
      Kept everyone informed, and shipped items quickly. :aheartbea
      Would definitely join another GO by her. ^_^ Thanks again!
    14. I also participated in Kereneko's KonDoll GO. She handled the entire thing flawlessly!
    15. I also participated in Kereneko's KonDoll GO! Things couldn't have gone better!!!
      She's great! Will definitely join more GOs hosted by her! n_n :aheartbea
    16. I hopped in on the Kondoll GO as well. :) I'd definitely join another of Kereneko's GOs again in the future. :)
    17. I was in the Kondoll GO too. She did a VERY awesome job. Things came up with her that were personal and postponed her from going to the P.O. but she let me know right away. Very informative and really nice and sweet person. Will join another GO with her in the future. Thanks a lot.
      Oh and packaging was perfect too!
    18. Uber late feedback, I apologize. ^^; But I was also apart of her Kondoll GO, and like everyone else I was very pleased with how things went! :D She was very informative and quick to respond/inform when there was an update. Shipping/packaging was quick as I recall, and I would definitely jump on board a GO with her in the future. c:
      Thanks a bunch! <3
    19. Kereneko bought some Yo shoes from me. Quick payment and a pleasure to work with :D
    20. I recently bought a PukiPuki PongPong from Kereneko and the transaction couldn't have gone any better<3

      She is very polite and great to deal with. ^^ Packaging was superb and the doll was as described. I would gladly do business with her again, thanks so much! ^0^