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Feedback for Kessan

Jan 10, 2009

    1. Hello!!

      If you've had a transaction with me, either buying or selling or orders, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback

    2. hello kessan I saw this thread, I orderd a dragon and wil give you feedback as soon as he arrives, I love your work:D
    3. wilkies o thanks you :)))
    4. yeah the dragon arrived, I love him here are some pictures
      [​IMG][​IMG]kessan's own pictures, there are more in my flickr, just click the link:)
      he is in my vitrine because my cat wanted to eat him, this way he can't reach him:)[​IMG]
    5. I traded a Doll's Head for one of her creations - It's well made and survived the trip from Russia to England :lol:

      Exactly what I wanted, showing me pictures to check and everything!

      Thank you Kessan :D
    6. adhara thanks you too :)))
    7. I made a trade for one of Kessan's dragons and he's awesome! Thank you! :-D
    8. I bought a dragon recently and got it in good time, looks great and very well made. thank you Kessan!:)
    9. I had a wonderful trade with Kessan. Many thanks for the girls new outfits

    10. thanks you for the foto. There area a nice work with you :))
    11. I recently traded a MNF head with Kessan for one of her gorgeous dragons.


      I'm happy with how everything went, just love the dragon, and would recommend dealing with Kessan to everyone! :)
    12. talithax thanks you fot foto :))
    13. Finished a trade with Kessan. I traded my DZ bunny for commission work. I'm so thrilled with my little creature! It turned out just like the drawings I'd sent! Thanks so much, he's perfect!
    14. Remmah thanks you :) can you make a foto of creature at home?
    16. sorry I didn't want to reply I just wanted to remove the link to my picture here is the new link
      still love the dragon
    17. wilkies thanks you for foto :))
    18. I traded my Felix brownie Paria for some custom made clothes for my puki fairies. Fabulous clothes - I'm very pleased. Thanks Kessan for some great work!
    19. I have traded a Tinybear BonBon for one of Kessan's Dragons... I am so excited! I can't wait to take pictures with my Seph :)
      Kessan has been kind and quick to answer PMs :)
    20. I sold a Mina to Kessan. We were going to trade but my dog went into the hospital and I needed the $$$ badly. Perfect communications and awesome transaction.