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Feedback for KIBA

Feb 27, 2007

    1. Hi,
      this is the first time i left a bad feedback here on DoA and this is very sad for me.

      I have bought a minifee chiwoo from Kiba.
      She has been friendly and polite during the selling process, i have nothing to say about it, but unfortunately she has placed no care to packing the doll, i don't know if that was her first doll she sold or maybe she was only in a hurry to ship it, but the doll was packed only with a bubblewrap placead around it and, of course, it arrived to me in pieces.... :(

      Now the neck system is broken so the chiwoo minifee head is no more utilizable with it... this is the bad thing really...

      I do not have to blame her for the first part of the transaction, but cause her lack of care, now i have a doll that i can't even re-sell and, most important, i do not have the doll i want, cause the minifee chiwoo head cannot be place anymore on the body.

      So, as i am usually very maniacal on packing the dolls i ship (and who bought them from me know it well) i am very very sad about it...

      Sorry for this, i am not saying to avoid Kiba for any sales, but for sure she has to learn how do the things in the right way :|

    2. That is very sad about your Chiwoo. How was the doll shipped? Is it possible that there would be insurance on the shipping?

      I hope that you and Kiba can work out a solution
    3. This is such a sad story.

      Even though it doesn't sound one bit like this carelessness was done intentionally--
      if I accidently did this to anyone, I would pay them back even if it took the next ten years.

      I hope the package was insured and that there will be a happy ending to this tragedy. *hugzzz
    4. Well i don't think the package was insured and, anyway, it was not broken outside, i suppose it was only badly handled by the post offices (maybe both spanish and italian post offices).
      Yup Auntie, i am sure she has not done it intentionally, maybe only a lack of experience about shipping process...
      I am not really asking for a payback, she was kind anyway, but i feel not right to left a positive feedback, i just hope she will understand well her error and put the right care on her future transactions, so no other buyer will be upset as me.. luckly i am not a newbie in BJD world, if this MNF Chiwoo were my first BJD... better do not think about it...