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Feedback for Kideme

Dec 10, 2011

    1. Hello! If you have done business with me, lets share with the class!
    2. Kideme bought my custom AD Hyang, and she was great to deal with. Super fast payments---paid the layaway off super fast. Great communication, and let me know when the doll arrive. Over-all a fantastic transaction.
    3. Kideme purchased a pair of shoes from me and everything went perfectly! She paid super fast, was always friendly in communications and even let me know when they arrived! Thank you so much ^_^
    4. + Positive!+

      I sold some things to Kideme, who is a super person to work with. Everything went smoothly, payment was prompt and I have no complaints. Thanks for everything! Would gladly deal with again. :cake:
    5. Kideme bought a pair of platform SD boots from me. She paid on time, and let me know when the boots arrived! Great buyer
    6. I would not sell to Kideme again. She responded to PMs and paid quickly but she is way too impatient and offensive. Kideme purchased a pair of $2 doll shoes and paid on May 10th.

      The shoes arrived to her on May 16th. That is a wait of only 4 business days and 6 days total. Yet, she messaged me twice and left feedback talking about my "lack of decency" and giving me "last chances."

      I last logged in on the 13th and DoA was having issues. I could bump my threads but could not leave feedback or respond to PMs. It's true that I did not respond to her PM on May 12th, but DoA's system crashes are entirely beyond my control.

      I have the "last logged in" option turned on in my profile, and I'm sure Kideme saw that I had not logged into DoA for several days before that and I have not been on again since the 13th. She had my email address and could have contacted me directly or she could have emailed me through my profile here at DoA.

      Overall, I feel like this is way too much drama for a 6 day wait and I would not be willing to have any transactions with her ever again.
    7. Kideme participated in my Dollmore GO and was awesome to work with! She had quite a few questions (normal for first-time GOers), but I responded to them all as swiftly and clearly as possible. Overall our communication was great! Payments were also received in a timely manner and she even sent me a message when she sent the payment. Our situation was different from normal marketplace routines since we met in person (not something I'm comfortable doing with a complete stranger), but through our transaction she was very kind and upbeat, so I had no qualms about meeting locally. I'm also very glad I did, because she was waaay cooler to talk to in person (plus I got to meet her cute doll).

      I would definitely sell/buy/trade with Kideme in the future based on our transaction. Thanks so much! :)
    8. We're exchanging messages back and forth no problem until and I pay, and then there's silence. Now she speaks up because I left her bad feedback instead of messaging me and telling me what happened. I also didn't see until I after I paid that she's done this before to another buyer in the problem transactions thread. Well, that's my fault for not doing better research.

      I'm impatient because I want to know whether or not you got my money and when you're gonna ship? And then I'm offensive too because I wrote the truth of what happened? Then yeah, I'll wear that like a badge of honor, keep the rest of your stuff, I don't want to deal with you ever again either.