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Feedback for Kidollro

May 23, 2009

    1. To those who have recently participated in our first retro microphone spree,
      leave us your feedback on whether we were:
      1) good
      2) bad
      3) areas to improve on.

      Your feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
    2. I was part of the GO that Kidollro ran for mics. The whole GO ran very smoothly, with Kidollro handling everything very professionally and systematically. Really good organisation and a very safe-feeling order. Good at communicating about how the order was going as well.

      Thanks so much, and I'd be happy to do business with you again. :)
    3. I joined the mircophone GO that kiyo-ai ran. They kept us updated, and they were very friendly and helpful. They were really quick, and the microphone looks so awesome. I can't wait to use it in a few photos! Thank you! :)
    4. I will definitely do business with you again. :D The confusion was mostly on my part when I didn't check the main thread for when the microphone would be shipped out.

      Thank you for organizing the GO. I'm very happy I got to take a part in it.
    5. I took part in a group order of microphones~
      It arrived very quickly and I love mine =D
    6. I took part in the Kidollro microphone grouporder. It was very well organized, great communication the whole duration and I love my microphone. Wonderfull transaction!
    7. I was a part of the microphone group order- it was very organized and ran very smoothly. Updates were frequent, and my item was received quickly and in good condition.

      Would definitely do business in the future & recommend to others!!
    8. I joined the microphone Go that kiyo-ai ran and i only can say that was a wonderful experience ^^ because of her kindness, her patience, for being so nice when talking ^^. Always kept me updated about the Go and as soon as she received the items she lightening sent them to me ^^. I'm sure i will gladly deal with her in the future if she allows me to do so !!.

      Thank you so much for everything sweetie ^^ !!
    9. I had a good experience in participating in the Mic GO Kiyo-ai did. There were many valuable updates in the thread and ran very smoothly until my postman got it. It went poof when I signed the noticed to be redelivered and never got redelivered. I contacted Kiyo-ai after almost a week had passed when the slip for it was sent and we conversed on the situation. Thankfully after much fighting with the post office and leaving a notice print out of the tracking, thank god for the existence of tracking, it was redelivered the next day. I'm very content with the item and I couldn't mind buying from Kiyo-ai again even if I have to fight the Post Office to get my stuff once again. :)
    10. I participated in the Mic GO that Kiyo-ai ran. There were a lot of nice updates to let everyone know what was going on, and the Mic is very nice quality.

      Would definitely do business with again.
    11. Received the microphone with no problems. Great transaction... thanks!
    12. I joined kiyo-ai's microphone group order and the transaction went smoothly. She kept us updated with the group order status and was really friendly to work with. Thanks again!
    13. she's really a good buyer, thank you :)
    14. I sold Bluefairy pants to her. She paid promptly and was nice during the transaction. Good communication too. Thank you ^^
    15. Sold her a SD sweater. Thanks for being patient and understanding :D
    16. She bought some items from me and paid fast and good communication! I will recommend her ^^
    17. Bought a SD tank and brown eyes from her and got a free wig~~~ Great and fast transaction~ XD
    18. kiyo-ai sell me an individual microphone. Always was in contact with me for any news and questions and shiped it so fast.
      100% reliable!~
    19. x_X sorry for the wait, I've been too tired/sick to come on the past few days

      Bought a pair of mics from Kiyo, excellent service, and quick to reply~ 100% reliable, thanks so much!
    20. Sold a pair of eyes to kiyo =) Great transaction, prompt payment and informed me very quickly that the items had arrived =) Thank you!