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feedback for kikyo44

Jul 26, 2009

    1. Hello,
      You can leave me an feedback for my sales or my purchases here.
      I would make similar for you
      thank you :aheartbea
    2. Kikyo44 bought a wig from me and paid right away. She's very sweet and pleasant to talk to.
      Thank-you! :)
    3. Kikyo44 bought a pair of puki hands from me. Great communication, quick payment, and an overall wonderful transaction! Thank you very much! :)
    4. Kikyo44 bought some wigs from me she is a wonderful buyer! fantastic, nice, and excellent to do business with
    5. Kikyo44 purchased an Unoa wig and everything was smooth as silk. I would gladly do business again.

      Many thanks again,
    6. Kikyo purchased a 6-7 pink mohair wig from me!

      She paid super quickly and kept great communication!
      She's very friendly and wonderful to work with!

      I would do business with her again!

    7. kikyo44 bought cigarette from me.
      she is a wonderful buyer!!thank you so much!~welcome again~=3=
    8. kikyo44 bought Soom GLOT from me.
      She paid so fast and communication so smooth and friendly.

      Thanks ! :)
    9. kikyo44 bought a puki body from me. She was great paid promptly let me know as soon as it arrived. Great buyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I also apologize for taking to so long with feedback.:pcupcake
    10. kikyo44 bought a Pukisha set from me, communication was great and everything went smoothly. :)
    11. Kikyo44 bought a bunch of clothes from me! Good communication, quick payment! Smooth transaction. Thanks so much! :) Enjoy!
    12. Kikyo44 bought a set of puki clenching hands from me, everything went great and she pm'd me when she recieved them. Recommended! Thanks!
    13. Julie (kikyo44) purchased a set of Eliv fantasy parts from me. Communication was excellent, she paid promptly and informed me when she received them. A wonderful transaction, and I would definitely trade with her again! :D
    14. kikyo44 purchased an Unoa with extras from me using layaway. Our transaction was smooth and friendly. :)
    15. Kikyo44 participated in my third Shoes and Boots, my fifth Glass Eyes and my eighth Fairyland group orders and she was absolutely wonderful to deal with. We had an issue with communication in the very beginning, but everything was sorted through and we had an amazingly pleasant transaction. She kept up communication with me, asked many questions that I was more than happy to answer and sent in payments when promised. All in all, we had a lovely transaction and I would not hesitate to do business with her again~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    16. Kikyo44 bought a Juri head from me and paid when she said she would ^^ She also let me know when she arrived safe and sound! Thanks Kikyo44! Great transaction!
    17. Kikyo44 participated in my sixth Pale Blossoms Glass Eyes group order and just as before, we had a very pleasant transaction. I have had nothing but good dealings with her here on this forum.

      :bcake:pcake Thankies!! :pcake:bcake
    18. Hi,

      On Januray 18, 2010, Kikyo44 put my Iplehouse Luna Tamer on Layaway. And we agreed to a 2 month layaway with the first payment being $220 and then following payments on Fe. 18th and Mar. 18th to be $280.50 each. We also agreed that payments would be non-refeundable and pp fees to be paid by her based on my sales page...

      The first payment was made faithly on this same day for $220... On Feb. 29, she messaged me and told me should was being banned from the marketplace but that she would still make her payments and would not vanish on me ... I said ok because we had already started buiness before she was banned so we weren't breaking any rules...

      On Feb 11, she tells me that she will send her monthly payment soon. Now please keep in mind that her monthly payment is $280.50 - firm, paypal fees to be paid by her. She sends me $170 on Feb 8th and messages me that she would send more soon and then does not log on DOA for about 3 -4 days ...

      She never told me she was short or try to make an arrangement with me... she just sent the money WITHOUT the fees included and took days to get back to me... I then ask her to please have the rest to me by Feb 20th for this month...

      On Feb 14th she askes me how much the doll costs al together again ... She doesn't remember?? :o I tell he on that same day on the info again and that her full payment for this month is due no later than Feb 20th to keep her layaway going

      Feb 17th she messages me again and tells me she will send it on Feb. 20th for sure and I say that that is ok with me ... Its the 21st in France and still no payment from her and I told her she had til the 20th ... I gave her two extra days... I needed that money from something and now I don't have it. :sweat

      This has been going on for 9 days now since she sent the partial payment...

      I will extend one last time and give her til the 22nd to pay me, which will be Monday. If I don't get a payment by then I will assume she voided her layaway with me because I don't like running around in circles and wondering if I am going to get a payment.

      MESSAGES: SINCE FEB 11, 2010...

      Feb 11th:

      hello ,

      I was send a payment 170$ .
      I will send another payment soon


      Feb 11th:

      Hi Julie ^^

      I received your payment. The other part of your payment ($110.50 usd) for this month needs to get to me before February 20, 2009.

      Thank you!

      Feb 11th:


      sorry, i meant february 20, 2010 :)

      Feb 14th:


      Hi Julie,

      I have decided to keep the eyes because we did not finalize you buying them before you got banned from the Marketplace ... I am sorry.

      So For Luna Cat plus default wig and eyes, and EMS shipping, price is $781 ($700 for the doll and extras and $81 for the shipping costs)

      As we agreed before you sent your payment, Layaway will be for 2 months with payments of $280.50 usd due on the 18th of February and March.

      I cannot do longer, I am sorry. You will still need to get the $110 to me before February 20, 2010 though your payment due date is Feb. 18, 2010 I give 2 day grace period.

      Thank you!!

      Originally Posted by kikyo44
      hello ,
      can you tell me how much money i will pay again for you , in total with eyes /Wig /shipping.
      Can you tell me if it's possible for you i finish the Layaway plan the 6 of april ? If you can't , i understand.
      Thanks , julie

      Feb. 14th:


      Sorry, I am so tired ... I still made a mistake in the last pm. No eyes will be included at all.

      cost of $781 is for Luna cat, default wig and pink wig ($700) and EMS shipping to france ($81).

      Thank you,

      Feb 17th:


      Hi Julie ^^

      You didn't say anything after your last pm and my reply...

      Are you going to be able to pay the rest of this months payment by Feb 20??

      Are you going to be able to finish your layaway, Dear?

      Thank you!!

      Feb 18th:

      Originally Posted by kikyo44

      i was send you a pm EMS reply , you don't have received it ? Maybe because i'm connect with my phone. I was say ok , i understand you don't want sell me the luna eyes (i love it but i think i will can buy it in website enchanted doll ) and i will send you another payment saturday if you 're agree. I really want buy your luna and continu my Layaway . And i will finish my Layaway on march.
      Thanks ,
      have a nice day , julie


      Hi Julie ^^

      No this is the first pm I have recieved in days from you ... if I don't reply to any of your pms in 24hrs, please send them again... I am online everyday and will always reply fast so if that didn't happen, then I didn't get the pm.

      Thank you for letting me know about you payment. Please when you send the payment, please send with your address please. You forgot to include your address in last payment. You also forgot to include the paypal fees Dear.

      Payment has to be made by Saturday to keep the layaway going.

    19. I'm sorry ... their is a mistake in the 3 "paragraph" ... I meant that she told me on Feb 6th that she would make her payment soon and on the 11th she paid $170 ...