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Feedback for KimaLucifer

Oct 19, 2008

    1. Feedback thread for myself on DoA :3
      negotiations went smoothly, and package arrived promptly (considering that it was coming from Asia). Would definitely do business with "K-L" again ^_^
    3. I bought a Yosd Nono outfit from KimaLucifer and everything went smooth: she was very kind and shipped promptly and the outfit is very nice and in perfect condition; I'm really very satisfied of my purchase.
    4. I bought a Yo-SD outfit from KimaLucifer. She was very pleasant to deal with, and the outfit arrived in great condition. I wasn't told when the outfit was shipped or given a tracking number, but she had left a note inside the package explaining that she had just moved and didn't have internet access, so I don't blame her for that.

      Overall things went smoothly and I'm very happy with the outfit. Thank you KimaLucifer!
    5. I participated in an FCS split with KimaLucifer hosted, and my feedback for her is neutral.

      I was a little nervous because KimaLucifer had very little feedback on the board regarding her ability to do FCS orders for others, so this feedback is intended only for people considering commissioning her for this purpose (I believe she has a website to this effect).

      Pros: The custom FCS body I received was exactly what I asked for, expertly packed, and beautiful in every way.

      Cons: KimaLucifer was too slow with her communications in a transaction where people were trusting her with hundreds of dollars of their money way past a paypal claim date. After PMing everyone to say that the doll had finally arrived, we all went at least 2 weeks without hearing from her until after multiple PMs she responded with shipping quotes for everyone. Her reasoning for this was a personal family issue that supposedly kept her from going on DoA, but as she had been posting on a BJD Games thread only a few days before, it seems as though this was either an excuse for forgetfulness, or she had neglected to message us for 1.5 weeks before the issue arose, which is still too long. She overcharged for shipping, quoting me 6100 for shipping, 800 for packaging fees, and then calculated paypal feels on top of that for a total of 7414. However, my parcel says she paid only 5500 in shipping. Since she calculated paypal fees after the fact, the inflated shipping charge of 6100 couldn't have been to cover those. I was overcharged by 600 yen. Granted, not a lot, but it's part of a larger picture. I then went another week without even a PM to confirm she received my shipping payment, and near the end sent a PM requesting her understanding that I would start a paging thread if I didn't hear from her within the next few days. Luckily, that was not necessary and I soon heard back from her that she was shipping the doll body and the doll head, and I received a tracking number shortly after that.

      In the end, I don't think KimaLucifer is a bad seller, or that she meant any harm by her lack of communications -- I think she was probably just a bit forgetful and had other things to do. However, commissioning someone to do FCS for you is a unique transaction -- it means trusting someone with a lot of money for so long that if something went wrong, you couldn't file a paypal claim. People who do this have to be good with communication to maintain that trust. I would not hesitate to buy items already in KimaLucifer's possession in the future, but I just don't think she has the time/dedication/sense of responsibility that it takes to do FCS commissions.

      That said, I am very grateful for what did go right in this transaction -- particularly the careful packaging that perfectly preserved the FCS box. I have a lovely now complete SD10 girl to show for it :)
    6. I also would like to share my experience in dealing with KimaLucifer for purchasing a FCS head from her, she informed me that the head with her on September 24 and I immediately asked her the shipping charges but nil reply, in between, I had repeated pming her but didn't receive any feedback from her till 15 October she eventually responded me the shipping fees and also asked for additional package fees 400Yen which I think it's a bit unreasonble, her excuse for not responding for 3 weeks time due to her family issues. Once again she was silent for almost 2 weeks and didn't give me any response after I paid the shipping fees dated 16 October. I lost my patient so I pm her at 26 October to check the status of my head, finally I received her parcel on 2 November. I felt very anxiety and uneasy for this transaction, no sure what's gone wrong due to lack of communications.

      Anyway, I would like to thank Kimalucfer for providing the FCS head which is my favourite.
    7. Commissioned KimaLucifer get a Lusis faceplate for me.Though not totally smooth and satisfied,still very thankful to her taking her time going to the doll show and helped getting the faceplate for me.Thank you very much.
    8. Commissioned KimaLucifer to get a Volks White Rabbit from the HuisTenBosch show recently. To be honest, it was the first transaction I was nervous about. KimaLucifer was prompt in replying and updating me, squishing my worries and fears away.

      However I believed there could be clearer explanation of the fees involved and shipping costs. I'm still a bit hesitant to believe some of the postage costs especially since my dolls had to be shipped from the event to her and then to me again, it almost defeats the purpose of helping to pay the entrance fee for the event.

      But I'm happy with the fast shipping and quick updates. Thank you for my lovely boy.
    9. KimaLucifer took part in my big boy swap. Her items were sent out on time (in fact she was way ahead of the rest of us! XD ) and she was a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to welcome them into any future swap I do!