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Feedback for Kinne

Jul 30, 2011

    1. This is my feeld back thread ^-^
    2. Kinne bougth me a brownie head and two outfits handmade by me ^^ she was very quickly and friendly, really it´s a very good trader ^^ i recomend her 100%
    3. Kinne bought a dress made by me. Everything was ok, quick payment and she is very polite person. I recommend her!!!
    4. Kinne bought a FL PP Rose from me! Payment was fast and was very sweet to work with! Thanks!
    5. Kinne Commissioned two Puki Wa-Loli Kimono from me. She was very fun to correspond with and paid promptly. Welcome back anytime!
    6. Kinne purchased a Chocopuki from me. She was a very kind and courteous customer, and prompt with her payment. I would do business with her anytime. :)
    7. Kinne purchased a Kid Delf outfit and shoes from me. Everything went perfectly. Thanks very much!
    8. Kinne bought a minifee outfit made by me! payments was so quickly and she is lovely and friendly ^^
    9. Kinne bought an outfit from me, she was very friendly, paid quickly and let me know when it arrived :)