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Feedback for Kisara

Mar 27, 2010

    1. Here's Kisara's feedback thread - I couldn't find one but the mods can merge this if I've missed it.

      Anyway, I sold a doll carrier to Kisara who was pleasant, polite and prompt in PMs, paid quickly and let me know when the bag arrived!

      Thanks so much :)
    2. I sold a MSD corset to Kisara, She paid promptly and replied swiftly, so much so I was able to ship it the same day she bought it.
      Great transaction ~ :)

    3. Bought some EID dresses from me, very friendly and easy to deal with. Hope to sell to you again!
    4. Kisara purchased an Iplehouse Amy Head from me and she maintained excellent communication, paid quickly, and let me know when it arrived! An A+++ transaction! Thanks!
    5. Sold a pair of dollflower eyes to Kisara
      Perfect transaction!
      with past pm and payment
      Couldn't be happier >_<
    6. i sold a Iplehouse S.D. I to Kisara. payment was on time each time and early(for the last one) for the layaway and she was very friendly. Thanks a lot :)

      Certainly recommended :D
    7. Kisara sold my an IH doll. It was a wonderful transaction with a great communication. The doll arrived fast and well wrapped. I highly recommend transactions with her ^^
    8. i bought some everpurple eyes from kisara,lovely buyer and paid quickly,thank you :dance
    9. sorry i meant she shipped quickly!!!!!:doh
    10. Kisara bought some DropRops eyes from me, and she was a delight to work with! Very kind and friendly, was upfront about the fact that her payment would not come immediately (something not all buyers disclose!) and paid exactly when she said she would. She also let me know when the eyes arrived and was even kind enough to send me a lovely picture of her doll wearing them. (^^) I would gladly do business with Kisara again and recommend her to others. Thank you so much! <3
    11. I sold mystic eyes to Animemadness. She is polite and kind. Communication was good and payment was promptly :) highly recommended :)
    12. Kisara bought a Dia head from me and everything went smooth. She paid promptly, her communication is very kind and polite and she let me know when she received the package. I would be happy to deal with in the future. Thank you Kisara! :3
    13. Kisara commissioned me for a faceup for her Dia guy, and it went wonderfully for me! She was friendly, clear about what she wanted, enthusiastic and sweet about feedback, prompt with payment, and let me know right away when he arrived back - all things I love in a client, and I'd work with her again in a heartbeat! Thank you!
    14. i sold a soom body to Kisara
      very good transaction!!
    15. I bought a Soom Sweet Witch from Kisara. This deal had everything you could ever wish for:
      great (=friendly and fast) communication, fast shipping and a very accurant described item. Thank you for this wonderful transaction! :whee: