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Feedback for KisaWings!

Nov 14, 2008

    1. Whee~! Here be my official thread for them feedbacks! Hehe thanks for everything :D
    2. KisaWings was in a minimee GO that I took over :)
      she paid promptly and was easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with her again :D

      good luck in your future transactions, Kisa~!
    3. KisaWings participated in my LUTS GO. She was very understanding, very patient, not to mention fast payment, and lovely to work with. Thank you for joining my group order and make it a successful one. ^_^
    4. KisaWings participated in my Leekeworld GO, and everything went smoothly. She was friendly, had great communication, and was overall lovely to deal with. Thank you!
    5. KisaWings was a participant in my sixth Fairyland group order and I have absolutely no complaints with our transaction. Very friendly, on top of payments and communication, she was definitely a pleasure to deal with. This transaction was a nice and smooth one and I am much appreciative of that~

      :clover Thank you. ^^ :clover