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Feedback for Kitarin

Jun 12, 2007

    1. Since Kitarin doesn't have a thread, here's one to start!

      Kitarin purchased a pair of eyes from me. I received the payment within a few hours of the invoice. The transaction was flawless and fast! :3 Great courteous buyer -- thank you!
    2. Kitarin was very prompt about responding to my request for her Hogwarts robes. She shipped them out shortly after I paid, AND provided a tracking number. The transaction could not have gone smoother.

      But also, I have to sing the praises of the workmanship on these robes. I ordered the MSD sized Gryffindor and Slytherin robe and scarve set. Having made human sized versions of these robes, I felt a bit unsure about buying them. However, knowing my first MSD sewing attempts would not be perfect...I decided to take the plunge and shell out the cash.

      I am SOOOOOO glad that I did. The craftsmanship on these tiny robes is amazing! They are fully lined, and I love the little hand embroidered crests! The scarves are also adorable, and happen to match the scarves I made for my boyfriend and I last winter perfectly. I could not be more happy with my purchaise, and I plan on recommending Kitarin and StrawberryL's cosplay to everyone who will listen to me XD! Pictures of the robes on my own dolls coming as soon as my dolls get here!

      Thanks again Kitarin!
    3. Kitarin bought a pair of Dollmore boots from me~
      The transaction was quick with great communication, she paid quickly and she was very nice to deal with ^^
    4. Kitarin purchased a Volks Yo Ayumu from me~ Sent the payment quickly and was very nice and easy to deal with!
    5. Kitarin bought some puki clothes/shoes from me. She paid very quickly and was a pleasure to deal with :)
    6. Kitarin bought a wig from me. Great buyer! Sent payment right away. Thanks :D
    7. Kitarin purchased my Isao chair and was very fast in making payment. My MSD will be so happy becasue a chair that can fit only 2 dolls was not too big with 4 dolls.

      Thanks ever so much again !

      Enjoy !
    8. Kitarin purchased a doll from me. Payment was very quick and communication was good. An excellent transaction.
    9. kitarin purchased some Zoukeimura eyes from me and was extremely prompt to pay and keep contact, including letting me know when they arrived. : )
    10. Kitarin sold me a Volks Mini dollfie dream, She safely packaged my doll and the shipping time was incredibly fast. She kept contact with me throughout the transaction and is very friendly. I highly recommend her!
    11. Kitarin sold me a YoSD Shinn on layaway. She was very friendly and helpful, and the doll arrived safely. Thank you so much!
    12. Kitarin sold me an SD16 Olivia---one of my grail dolls that I never thought I'd be able to get:) She even let me put Olivia on layaway, and was just fantastic about it. Very friendly person to deal with.
    13. Seller/Buyer
      Item bought/sold: SDC Kaede
      Quality of communication(1-10): 9.5
      Honesty of Listing(1-10): 7.5
      Satisfaction(1-10): 10
      Would you deal with this person again?: Depends on the doll she would be selling.
      Other comments: Despite the fact that Kaede has quite a few scratches, that her sueding is sort of crumbling out all over the place, and that beside my rather yellowed volks doll she is the exact same colour, I've wanted this doll since I first got into dolls. Unfortunately Kaede was made in 2004 as a limited and I didn't get into BJD until 2005. So I love this doll, and I never had any problem even with the "issues" I've pointed out.
      As far as communication goes, she was rather reliable with communication. People have lives so I assume the few times she'd been indicated as active and didn't reply she was busy with something else. She was more than willing to send me more pictures of Kaede, and was very helpful since it was my first time buying on DA. She did not, however, reply to the message I sent to her regarding that I had received Kaede, or mentioning that her head cap doesn't stay on or about the scratches.
    14. X3 I bought a Volks SDC boy body. Communication was wonderful, packaging too.^_^ I would totally recommend her if she's selling a doll that you want. The body is exactly as described, and I've very happy.
    15. Bought a body from Kit. She's very nice and being so patient with me. Shipping was real fast. Item came in perfect condition as described. Won't hesistate to buy from her again. Thank you so much !
    16. I bought an SDC Renee head on layaway from Kitarin and it was a great transaction! Recommended seller! Thank you very much for helping finally bring this doll home! :D
    17. Kitarin purchased Volks SD Outfit from me. Friendly communication & quick payment. She let me know as soon as the package arrived. Great transaction! Thank you :aheartbea
    18. Kitarin purchased some Pukipuki clothes from me. Such a great transaction from start to finish - highly recommend!