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Feedback for Kitchen Ninja

Feb 23, 2010

    1. Hey guys. Please leave my feedback here. :) I also have ebay feedback, ID-kitchenninja01. Thanks! <3
    2. I commissioned Kitchen Ninja for an outfit. She finished the order quickly and communication was great (she even sent me in-progress photos).
      The finished product looks wonderful and I also enjoyed the little freebies she sent with it. :) Definitely would recommend her to others in need of dolly clothes.:aheartbea
    3. I commissioned a jacket for my 70cm boy from Kitchen Ninja. Communication was fantastic and the jacket was finished lightning-fast! She even sent a little doll-sized cake and ice cream cone with it. :D And the jacket fit my boy perfectly! Perfect commission transaction!
    4. Commissioned Momiji Sohma from Fruits basket outfits from her~~~ Great communication and good quality and price~ Love the Easter basket she sent along together XD

      In progress pics were sent and everything were made to satisfaction before she sends them out~

      Thank you so so much~~~~~
    5. Commissioned a kimono from Kitchen Ninja. It turned out wonderful, she had the perfect fabric and did exactly as I requested. Keep in touch with me throughout the whole proccess and sent progress photos to me. The quality of her work exceeded her pricing. Great to work with on all accounts :)
    6. commissioned an overall and t shirt from kitchen ninja,it looks really great
      she really did it like I asked her and kept me updated the whole time
      thanks again!!!
    7. I commissioned a wa-loli outfit for my Yo-sd from Kitchen ninja and it turned out great. Great communication and I would definitivly buy from her again.
    8. Kitchen Ninja bought a DOC Tender Too from me. The transaction was wonderful and smooth. It's a great dealing with you. Thank you Kitchen Ninja!
    9. I traded 1 doll head for several outfits. The work was very good and I love the colors.

      Wonderful communication and would definitely do business with again.

      Thank you! :D
    10. I recently did a one on one swap with Kitchen Ninja and it was wonderful! She was great to communicate with and delivered above and beyond what we agreed upon. Her sewing is quality work and my kids love everything they received. I would definitely swap again in the near future. ^_^
    11. Got a couple of pairs of pants and shipping was extremely quick!
    12. Received a pair of pants and shirt from Kitchen Ninja through the goodbye naked thread. They are made really well and arrived quickly.
    13. Was given clothes through Goodbye Naked thread. &#9829; Clothes were not only beautifully made, but delivered right on time! If ever in a formal sales position, I would recommend Kitchen Ninja in a beat.
    14. I received An outfit from Kitchen Ninja! She sews really good! They looks awesome :) Thank you very much again <3
    15. I received an msd outfit from Kitchen Ninja. It's so pretty and fit very well. Thanks! <333
    16. Kitchen Ninja participated in my Leeke World GO for the holiday season of 2010. She was quick to pay for her order, and was patient during the speed process of attempting to get everything out my Christmas! I would safely say she is great for any other GO Host! &#9829;
    17. Kitchen Ninja was in a swap with me and shipped really fast and responded quickly in emails. Her sewing abilities are quite professional and I loved everything I received very much. Can't wait to do another swap with her <3
    18. KitchenNinja sent to me in the Cold Weather Needlework Goods Swap. I loved the items she sent me and they were really nice. I particularly love the hat with the animal ears.
    19. Kitchen Ninja participated in both my Harry Potter and my Coldweather swaps. She was friendly, and a great participant. I would recommend her for other swaps, and will gladly have her in my own future ones. Thanks!