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Feedback for KitixUnrest

May 29, 2012

    1. Starting my feedback thread! Please leave feedback for any transaction or trade with me. :)
    2. Hi there! KitizUnrest paid me very quickly for a SD head. She was great to work with, definitely recommend. ^_^ Let me know when it arrives!
    3. KitixUnrest bought a wig from me and was very quick. Good buyer!
    4. KitixUnrest bought a Chiwoo head from me - the transaction was perfect with fast payment and great communication.


    5. KitixUnrest bought a pair of SD spectacles from me. She was a wonderful buyer, and replies and pays quickly. Even though the Post Office took a long time to get the specs to her, she was polite in asking me to do an enquiry (though the specs arrived before the enquiry finished), and I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! Thanks, KitixUnrest :D
    6. KitixUnrest bought a yukata from me.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very much.^^
    7. KitixUnrest bought an Fdoll body from me. The transaction was great, she was friendly, paid in full and let me know when the body arrived! She was also understanding when I accidentally sent the insurance # instead of tracking =_= and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't track. Great buyer, I'd deal with her any time!
      Thank you! <3
    8. KitixUnrest purchased a CP Delf boy body from me. I had a wonderful transaction with her! She was absolutely amazing through the whole transaction. I would very happily work with her again :)

      Thank you!
    9. Purchased a Dikadoll modded LingYue from me, which was paid very quickly. Great communication, thank you for buying him and I hope you have a wonderful time with him.
    10. KitixUnrest bought a Souldoll head from me. She was great to work with and I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! :) Thank you!
    11. I brought a Souldoll Ignis head from KitizUnrest! The head arrived in quick smart time and was packaged incredibly well! All communications were polite and she provided me with lots of photos and measurements of the head before I brought her :D I would recommend her to others! Thank you again! <3
    12. KitixUnrest just recently bought a Soom Adamelli from me on layaway. She had some internet problems so unfortunately communication was a an issue (it was either slow to non-existent at times). She did however pay the layaway off earlier than expected which was nice. I got an update from a friend of hers (whom I contacted when I couldn't get in touch with her) that the doll did indeed arrive safe.
    13. I have major issues with my transaction with KitiXUnrest. She PMed me saying she would purchase my Dream of Doll Ducan, so I agreed to set the doll aside for her given she was offering to pay $100 straight up to start the layaway. After about a month, I heard nothing from her. A friend of hers (mothercrow) PMed me back eventually saying that Kiti paid me, but the money somehow went to another seller she was doing layaway with. She said she would pay me ASAP, but I got nothing finance wise and communications wise. Suddenly, she PMs me again to (albeit unclearly) explain herself saying she might not be able to push through with the sale.