Feedback for kitkat10

Jul 29, 2016

    1. Please leave me feedback here. Thanks!
    2. I bought the body from Kitkat.
      Nice contact and fast shipping! Thank you very much ^-^
    3. kitkat10 bought some boots from me and everything worked out just fine: fast payment and very nice contact! Thank you!
    4. I bought a bunch of accessories from kitkat10. Communication was great and shipping was fast. Thanks for a great transaction! :)
    5. I bought an IOS Blue head from kitkat10 and it was a great transaction all round -- excellent communication, super fast shipping, and item was perfect. Thank you!
    6. I bought a white 9/10-sized wig and a pair of brown glass eyes from Kitkat10. :) Kitkat was patient and understanding despite a gift card debacle involving a small town and no new shipment of paypal cards! Wonderful seller, deserves a perfect 10 in my book. ;)
    7. kitkat10 participated in a Tata's Paradise group order I hosted. :D

      Her order was clear, all communication was quick, and payments were very prompt. :) She was a pleasure to have in the GO, and I'd be happy to have her join one in the future.

      Thanks so much kitkat10!
    8. kitkat10 bought my Ringdoll Kylin. She paid promptly and she was friendly to talk to. Excellent buyer. Would love to do business again ^^ Thank you
    9. kitkat10 bought my Soom York.
      Payment was quick and communication was prompt and friendly.
      Will happily sell to again :)
    10. I sold some BJD wigs to kitkat10 and had a wonderful interaction with them as a buyer. Their communication was prompt and clear. They paid very promptly, and alerted me when all their items reached them. I would happily recommend them to a seller! :)
    11. I bought a Ringdoll foot from kitkat10. It was a very pleasant transaction-she responded to my questions and provided measurements quickly, and shipped quickly as well. I'd gladly recommend them!