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Feedback for Kitkaze

Dec 5, 2009

    1. I guess I should start one of these! :)

      Thank you!

    2. Kitkaze bought a little doll from me and was delightful to deal with - very responsive and friendly, and paid super quickly! I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell with her again. Thank you! :daisy
    3. Kitkaze also purchased a doll from me and the transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Excellent communication, paid quickly and is super nice to deal with. A gold star for her. :)
    4. I made an outfit for Kitkaze on commission. She was a pleasure to deal with!
    5. I sold ears to Kitkaze. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived...excellent buyer!
    6. kITKAZE is awesome. I sent her my blue bobobie lucky and at no cost to me she modded her into a Na'vi from the movie Avatar. The dollie is absolutely unbelieveable! she did such a great job on her! i am so grateful for Kit! I love her so much thank you SOOOOOOO much kitkaze!
    7. OOps I forgot to mnention the super fast shipping when the dollie was finished she zipped her back to me at lightning speed so i could bring her to my next meet. <333333 -insert love here-
    8. Kitkaze bought a Fairyland Littlefee Artic Fox faceplate from me. She was a pleasure to do business with and I would not hesitate to do so again! Thank you! ^^
    9. I sold a pair of bc wings to Kitkaze in a smooth, easy, flawless transaction. Thanks again Kitkaze!! :)
    10. Kitkaze airbrushed my red panda mod for me and I couldn't be happier with the results. She did a wonderful job painting my girl i 3 colors with very nice gradations and it was all free of charge too! She is an absolute dream to work with. I have seen her mods both on Den of Angels and in person and she really does wonderful work. Hopefully we'll get the chance to do a collaborative mod one day.
    11. Absolutely positive! Nothing but good ravings to give here.
      Bought the Na'vi mod doll as a surprise present for a friend, and Kitkaze was willing to ship to my friend, AND add in a birthday note for me (time was of the essence - not enough to ship to me and then to my friend)! Everything was perfect! My friend was utterly floored, and adores the doll! It has found a treasured home. :)
      Thank you for all the work on the doll itself, as well as the packing/shipping, and excellent communication!
      Definitely a great big gold star from me! :goldstar
    12. Kitkaze Commissioned a Tibetan wool wig from me. She was wonderful to work with - I would definately recommend her.
      Thanks Kitkaze!
    13. Took part in a split with Kit and it was fantastic! She was super sweet and flexible with the payment schedule (as I paid via layaway). She let me know when everything arrived and quickly mailed me my part. Everything arrived safely and I couldn't be happier! Thanks again, Kit :)
    14. I bought a Soom Minette R. head from Kitkaze. She was willing to ship the head overseas to me. She shipped promptly and followed up with me about the status of the head. An excellent seller who's very nice and accomodating!

      Kitkaze purchased a BID orange/yellow punch clothing set from me. Payment was fast, and communication was great! Highly recommend! Thanks again. :)
    16. I commissioned Kitkaze to make some awesome mods in one of my dolls and I am very pleased with the results. She kept me updated every step of the procedure sending my PMs and pictures with the work as it progressed and let me know of every problem she found as well as gave me some options and her opinions on how to best proceed. My girl arrived safely and beautifully and she sent her when she told me she would. She also sent me some extra things I would need in case her color needed touching up or she needed to be restrung and she has promised to send me some tutorials I asked. I would definitively do business with Kit again, specially if I ever need anymore dolls modded. Thank you Kit! ^^
    17. I am a terrible person, I forgot to leave feedback :( Kitkaze modded my LTF Shiwoo to make him into my little Selkie. Every step of the process was mapped out before hand. When a chosen paint color did not come out anywhere near what the manufacturer listed Kitkaze contacted me immediately to discuss the different layers she was going to add to bring the color back to what we had discussed. All in all she modded an extra set of hands to have webbing, did complex sanding and shaping to an event plate to make it mimic a seal, sculpted feet to elongate and shape them to be more fin like, and sprayed & sealed his head back so that when in "Selkie" form he wouldn't need a wig or other head covering. The whole process went fairly quick and Kitkaze was in constant communication throughout.:aheartbea
    18. I bought a Soom Minette Tail from Kitkaze. It arrived quickly and in excellent condition! Thanks!
    19. Kitkaze modded by Zaoll Luv into a boy. It was a terrific transaction with great communication. The mod itself is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Shipping was quick and the body piece arrived safe. Overall a great transaction and I would definitely commission her again.
      Thank you!
    20. Kitkaze modded some eyes on a doll of mine. She did an incredible job!!! She is delightful to work with! A perfect experience! xox