Feedback for Kitsuna Ri

Mar 14, 2007

    1. Hello all! I have dealt with many people here and they have all wanted me to get a feedback thread up ^^;; so please if you have dealt with me in anyway or my two shops Sweet Dreams please leave feedback here! Thank you very much! -^^-
    2. i have doing a good transaction with Kitsuna Ri ! Highly recommended :aheartbea !
    3. I am so sorry I totally forgot to do this
      Kyle and his mommy bought a wonderful blue wig from me. The transaction went smoothly and shes now charlies second mom and spoiler <3
    4. I am sorry i didn't post a few days ago when i got them.
      I bought A Necklace From Kitsuna Ri from sweet dreams, great quality and easy to put on and take off and she was very nice :aheartbea
      and even tho there was just a tiny problem she made me another one right away
      and it was a very pleasure transaction!:)
      My Boy And His Twin love the necklaces:D
    5. I had a great transaction with Kitsuna Ri. Very good at communicating, friendly, and clear. I would not hesitate to do business with her again.
    6. these two, Kitsuna and Yuki, are wonderful to work with, very friendly and quick, with quality work! good choices in materials and how they ship and represent themselves with their items!
    7. kitsuna bought a Fur Wig From me.
      She was wonderful to work with. Very Friendly. I hope we can do business again. Thanks Kit!
    8. Kit bought a purple wig from me, paid immediately and left feedback after receiving it. Would gladly do business with her again! :)
    9. Bought a pair of MSD boots, even though they were too large for my Unoa girl, the service was still great.. shipping, communication and condition.
      Thanks so much :)
    10. Kitsuna Ri took part in a Dollmore Group Order in September. Everything went very smoothly. I look forward to the chance to do business with Kitsuna again!


      Nancy Maya
    11. kitsuna ri was part of my dollmore group order. quick shipping payment and she was very awesome as we worked out a payment deal since I am on one of her group orders.
    12. Was in a group order I hosted - communication and payment a plus - on time. Would do business with again.
    13. Kitsuna Ri had a Dollmore Group Order in Novemeber, she was very helpful and nice. It was my very first time participating a group order, I enjoyed the experience~
      The communication was great, she always keep us updated :)
      Love to do business with again!
    14. I took part in a dollmore group order for some shoes and a doll. My Ujee arrived home today, safe and sound just as I wanted him! The shoes are the proper items as well. Wonderful group order mistress, I highly recommend taking part in any future group orders Kit hosts!
    15. I participated in Kitsuna Ri's Dollmore Group Order (October-November '07): Got the items with no problem--very quick, easy, great communication, etc. :)
    16. participated in Kitsuna's group order w Dollmore it went off without a hitch what a super person to deal with. I would do another order with Kitsuna anytime .. just the best
    17. Kitsuna participated in my group order Friends2BMade. She paid quickly. And was very nice to deal with. ^^ I would deal with her again.
    18. I was a participant in both Kitsuna Ri's Dollmore group order and Hyde MiniMee group order. In the case of both transactions, Kit was very communicative and went out of her way to keep the other members of the GO updated. She is professional, amiable, responsible, fair, and trustworthy, and I would join another GO run by her in a heartbeat!

    19. I was part of kitsuna ri's minimee miyavi head group order. Great group order hostess and kept everyone up to date and informed. Easy & painless will do business with again.
    20. I was in on the Minimee Miyavi Head GO that Kitsuna Ri ran and I think she did a great job on a tough order.

      First of all there were a lot of mods and there was a lot of communication back and forth with DiM. During the entire GO Kitsuna Ri kept the group up to date on absolutely everything, she was very thorough throughout the entire order.

      Kitsuna Ri also went with the majority on every mod and issue that came up during the GO. There is no way that everyone could agree on everything, so I think she really did her best to be fair.