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Feedback for Kitsunia

Aug 9, 2008

    1. If you have done business with me (either buying or selling) feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)

      Thank you!
    2. Kitsunia is an excellent person and buyer. She comissioned me to make a shirt and a kimono and she also purchased my DOC Hoo. Fast payment and a loyal friend. THANK YOU KITSU~<3
    3. Kitsunia bought me a DOD Si Head. Very great buyer, very fast payment, will deal again with you ^^
      Thanks a lot <3
    4. She bought a dolly sized teddy bear from me. Cummunication was exccelent. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. *****
    5. Kitsunia bought a necklace from me and was a pleasure to deal with, thanks so much for the perfect transaction!
    6. Kitsunia commissioned a chibi from me and was wonderful to work with. Thank you! <3~
    7. Kitsunia commissioned a jewellery set from me and was wonderful to work with! Glad you like the set. ^_^
    8. Sold a pocketwatch to Kitsunia, and the transaction was lovely! :)
      Communication was great and we had friendly correspondence ^^
      Would love to do business with again!
      Thanks! :)
    9. Kitsunia bought a lovely antique doll chair from me. A very pleasant transaction!
    10. Kitsunia comissioned me to work on her two boys and she was AWESOME(as always) to work with ^_^
      She let me know EXACTLY what she wanted and even drew beautiful examples!
    11. ^_^ Kitsunia bought a DOD Tender Too from me and she was wonderful to work with. A+ buyer!
    12. Kitsunia gave me an F-doll body that was just perfect for my girl! She held it as long as I needed her too and kept in contact on the status of the shipment! :) I highly recommend her business and couldn't ask for a better transaction!! :D
    13. kitsunia bought some eyes from me, and she was awsome to work with! she paid super fast! and her communication was impecable! Thanks kitsunia! A+++++++
    14. Kitsu bought a Dollzone Fox petdoll from me and paid right on time and let me know when he arrived. Thanks!
    15. Kitsunia Purchased my DOD msd old skin girl body. She is a over all pleasant buyer to deal whit. ^_^
    16. Kitsuna bought stockings from me; great buyer to deal with!
    17. Kitsunia bought a pair of DOC claw hands from me, and everything was perfect.

      Fast payment, excellent communication, very patient and understanding. A lovely buyer and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again ;)

      Thank you! <3
    18. Another perfect transaction with Kitsunia; wonderful buyer!
    19. I sold an outfit to Kitsunia; payment took a bit longer than expected but throughout the transaction communication was great. Very sweet buyer and would do business with again! :)
    20. Bought a DZ Fox from Kitsunia and the whole transaction was great! She willingly supplied me with pics on request and shipped quickly. Doll was extremely well packed and arrived safely. :cheer