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~ Feedback for Kittehmeow ~

Oct 24, 2009

    1. Hello!

      I haven't had any transactions in DOA as of yet, but I'm definitely planning to.

      Please leave feedback if you've had any transactions with me~

      Thankies :aheartbea
    2. Hiya ^^

      I bought a pair of littlefee wings from Kittehmeow. She was very pleasant to deal with. The price for them was very fair and she shipped out fast :3 The wings were in great condition like she said and she promptly replied to all my messages. It was just over all a great transaction :D thank you!!
    3. Kittehmeow participated in my eighth Leekeworld group order and was wonderful to work with. I always appreciate a participant who is on top of things and likes to be kept well informed. :) Her communication was flawless and she sent her payments in swiftly. A lovely transaction.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    4. I bought a Littlefee Bisou sleeping faceplate and hand set from Kittehmeow, and the transaction couldn´t have been quicker and easier! She´s really nice to deal with, and I can warmly recommend anyone to buy from her! Thanks very much!
    5. Sold a pair of miniature spectacles to kittehmeow. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^P
    6. I sold two sets of Littlefee hands to kittehmeow. Communication was great, fast and friendly. She also paid the hands as promised and informed me when the package arrived. Thank you for a very pleasant transaction! :fangirl:
    7. Purchased MSD outfit from Kittehmeow. She shipped quickly and it is exactly as described. Thank you.
    8. kittehmeow bought a Bisou sleeping faceplate from me. She paid quickly and very nice to deal with. I'm highly recommended her ^^
    9. I took part in a dollmore GO organised by Ketteh, it was really, really well organised and run. She kept us informed all the way through and shipped out super quick. I would definitely join another order with her!

      Thank you!
    10. I took part in the Dollmore GO organised by Kittehmeow - She was very organised, kept me well informed and shipped my iems really quickly !! I would love to join in another group order with Kitteh!!!

      Thanks alot Kitteh !!!
    11. I was also in the Dollmore GO run by Kittehmeow. There were no problems whatsoever; throughout the transaction, she was communicative, friendly, and organized. She shipped the items out very quickly. I would highly recommend Kittehmeow! n__n
    12. I also was in the Dollmore GO run by Kittehmeow. It was really well organised. She kept me informed all the way through and shipped my items quickly. I would definitely join another order with her!!!
    13. Kittehmeow brought my Tan Ryu head ^_^
      She's a great buyer and an even greater person! I highly reccomend her as a buyer. Quick payments and very quick to reply to questions and such.

      Can't wait to do business again with them ^_^
    14. Sold a Volks body to Kittehmeow. Made quick payment, great communication, also notified me upon receipt. Kittehmeow was very friendly throughout the transaction. It was definitely a pleasure to deal with. Had no problems at all even as a foreign transaction. Thanks! :)
    15. I purchased a KDF Mill from kittehmeow.
      Great communication, shiped prompt, marked down and informed me about the yellowing of the doll which was very correct! I would really recomend her as a seller.
      Thank you! :D
    16. Bought a pair of hands from kittehmeow. Fast, friendly communication! she shipped fast and the hands arrived in perfect condition!
    17. I bought an adorable msd jacket from Kittehmeow. It was shipped the next shipping day and arrived fast and in great condition! Thank you so much! I would love to do buisiness again! Excellent seller :D
    18. I purchased a pair of MSD sized sneakers from Kittehmeow. Communication was great and she shipped my item quickly, but there was a noticeable brown stain on the back of one of the sneakers that she did not mention. I had asked previously if there were any scuffs on the white areas of the shoes, and she had assured me that there were none and that she kept her things in good condition. I trusted her, however I was not notified of any other flaws. I would hesitate to do business with her again, or would make sure to request owner's photos before I make a purchase from her.
    19. Kittehmeow bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.