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Feedback for kittey

Apr 10, 2010

    1. This is kittey's Feedback thread.

      I must say I give Kittey a positive as her first feedback, she bout a wig and some eyes from me and she was fantastic to deal with! She kept great communication. Over all I would say she is a recommended buyer.
    2. Kittey purchased a pair of eyes from me! She was great with communication, paid when she said she would, and let me know as soon as the eyes arrived. Lovely to deal with!
    3. I sold a dz-mo2 to Kittey.she is very friendly.She paid when she said she would, and let me know when the doll arrived.Highly recommended! Thanks sooooooo much! ^0^
    4. Kittey bought a SOOM Heliot bow + arrow from me. Lightning fast payment and great communication! She gave me a quick note when the items arrived at hers as well.
      Such a nice person, I can only recommend her, and say THANK YOU for the uncomplicated business!
    5. kittey bought my SO Soom Monzo on lay away, and all payments were as promised, no problems! Communication was great, and the let me know immediately when the doll arrived, and that it had unfortunately sustained some damage in transit, breaking two fingers. :(
      They were very understanding and accepted a partial refund for the breakage, and I'm seeing if Soom will let me buy a new pair of hands.
      Anyway, have no fear, kittey is trustworthy for lay away, and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you! :chocoberry
    6. I sold a Kid Delf Bory head (romance - Unicorn version) from Luts to Kittey.
      Communication was excellent throughout the process and the many messages were quickly friendly, which is always a reassuring developed for such transactions. Exchanges which allowed us both to follow the steps of the transaction: for example, she did not fail to let me know that everything had arrived safely.
      Payments were fast and corresponded to the dates on which we had agreed to the layaway.

      Sweet, sweet person for a very smooth transaction - I am very happy I had the opportunity to deal with her and that the head is according to her wish. Thank you again for everything!
    7. I sold a body Putties Centaur.

      Great sale! ^^

      She is very kind and serious.

      I am very happy of this sale.

      Thank you! I recommend warmly :)
    8. She bought a Luts Kid Delf from me. She's very kindly and communication was great!
      She took a layaway and paid on time each payment. Highly recommended!
    9. I cannot praise this person enough. She bought a luts saddle set from me and the whole transaction was just lovely. Perfect buyer in every way
    10. I sold two Dolls to Kittey on Layaway. Kittey always told me when she made a payment and was quick to respond to all messages. A really friendly person, it was a pleasure to have this transaction with you. Thank you very much!
    11. I sold my Jamong Pegasus body to Kittey as well as the upper chest piece that was delayed in shipping from Luts. She was so patient, and kept to her word with her payments. I never had a single problem with her, and had excellent communication with her as well, which is all I could ever ask for.

      All in all, this was a perfect transaction any seller could ever wish for! :3

      I will certainly do business with her in the future!
    12. Kittey bought a Luts Centaur Kai from me and they were a dream to deal with
    13. A little late but:
      Kittey bought from me LUTS kdf winter event head 2014. The transaction was great! Kittey paid promptly, was active and very friendly during conversation :D

      I'd certainly love to do business with her in the future!:3nodding:
    14. What a wonderful buyer! Fast payment and even faster responses to messages. I would suggest Kittey to anyone who might want to do any transaction with her :)
    15. Kittey bought a Luts TDF Centaur from me on layaway. Her communication was excellent, payments were always on time and she let me know as soon as the doll arrived safely.

      I can't recommend her enough for any transactions! A++ buyer!
    16. I did a partial trade with kittey. Her communication was fast and friendly. She shipped her part of the trade on the agreed upon date and it arrived well packaged and as described. An excellent buyer/trade partner, I would gladly do business with her again
    17. Kittey bought a Minifee Ria head from me and it was the model of a truly excellent transaction. The response time was great, she followed through with her payments on time, and let me know when the head arrived safely. She's super sweet and pleasant too.

      Highly recommended!
    18. Kittey bought my Fairyline Feeple60 Ria. She was very nice to communicate with, paid promptly and let me knew when the doll arrived. Thank you for adopting Ria, I'm sure she's in the best hands with you. I would gladly do business with you again :)