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Feedback for Kittycatmom

Apr 10, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback for me here! Thank you!! :kitty2
    2. I sold a dress and some other items to kittycatmom. It was an easy transaction, and I would definetly recommend dealing with her again.
    3. I sold a dress to kittycatmom and she was very pleasant to deal with!

      Our correspondence was very pleasant. She communicated to me clearly what she wanted and that also helped me answer all her questions regarding the dress fit, etc.

      I'm so super glad to have helped you with your purchase and that the dress is perfect on your beautiful girl! :D

      Payment was super prompt! She also sent me a message to tell me that she received the package safely--I'm so glad!

      Thank you so much for the super pleasant transaction, kittycatmom!:love

      I won't hesitate to help you with your next purchase when I have items for sale in the future~ :fangirl:
    4. Sold a Catsy to KittyCatMom, pleasant transaction, friendly and caring woman. Would sell to again!