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Feedback for KittyFields

Feb 18, 2010

    1. Please leave all feedback for trades/transactions/etc. with me here!
    2. KittyFields bought an outfit from me and it was a great transaction. Communication was excellent and she paid very quickly. I'd love to do business with her again!
    3. I sold my Luna chimera parts (head + hands) to KittyFields and she was very polite and pleasant. Communication was very good and the transaction went very smooth! I would definitely deal with this person again!
    4. KittyFields bought a doll head from me. Payment was quick and transaction was wonderful. A great DoA user! Thank you. :D
    5. KittyFields bought a wig from me. Super fast payment and lovely to deal with! Thanks! :)
    6. KittyFields bought IH Luna from me on layaway. She finished it early, and payment and communication was always fast and great :D Thanks for the smooth transaction!
    7. I did a clothing trade with KittyFields. She was pleasant to deal with and kept in touch throughout. Thanks!
    8. KittyFields bought a pair of Luna Chimera feet from me. Flawless transaction, lovely person. =^i^= Would do business with her again in a heartbeat. :)
    9. I sold a MNM AmyLee head to KittyField and everything went perfectly fine : communication was regular and pleasant, payment was made promptly ; it was a smooth transaction ^_^. Thanks again, KittyField !
    10. POSITIVE

      KittyFields particpated in my LUTS LE Bory Split, she recieved the LE Bory Wings.

      A delight to work with through the entire process, she kept great communication and we were even able to meet up to deliver the parts. KittyFields was fast with payment and was always polite. Thank you so much again for being such a wonderful split partner!
    11. KittyFields purchased an OE Euclase meditation head from me and I couldn't have asked for a nicer buyer! She was fast with her payments and communication was great! It was super fun meeting someone from my hometown here on DOA! It was a pleasure meeting her in real life and I would for sure sell to her again in the future! WOOT!~~ for Winnipeg!
    12. KittyFields bought a Soom Euclase from me. She was very nice and paid immediately! I'd be happy to do business with her again! Thanks Kitty!
    13. KittyFields bought a DollFactory Lolo from me. =^i^= She was super-fast to pay, and as always, awesome to deal with. :D I'm always happy to do business with her! (and I'm really happy that he's still going to be a digimon! Hee hee)
    14. KittyFields bought my Domuya Faith and some outfits. She paid promptly, and was super-awesome as always. :D Love doing business with her!!!
    15. KittyFields bought my custom Ryuk head from me. She paid promptly and was great to work with. I would def sell to her again~
    16. Kittyfields bought a Juri 06 head from me. She paid promptly, communication was great and notified me when it arrived. I do recommend Kittyfields.:chocoberry
    17. Kittyfields purchased a MNM Grell head from me. Payment was prompt, communication was good, and she informed me when it arrived. A good buyer. ^_^
    18. Kittyfields participated in my Alice's collection go.. Communication was great.Payment was so fast.

      She was really nice and easy to due with. She also let me know when package arrived.

      Thank you so much

    19. hopped on to KittyFields' gluino to snatch up a wig. Kept up good communication, shipped quickly. Thank you
    20. Kitty Fields ran a Soom group order. She kept me informed the whole time, and shipped very quickly. I highly recommend her!