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Feedback for Kiwii

Sep 13, 2009

    1. Feedback goes here~

      Thank you to everyone who did business with me!
    2. The good buyer!
      Very patient, friendly and polite.
      Payment has been made quickly and without problems. I will be glad, if we will be have business once again!
    3. I sold a pair of eyes to Kiwii :) She was very friendly, paid quickly and kept in great communication throughout. Thanks very much! :D
    4. Kiwii bought a FairyLand LTF Arctic Fox faceplate from me and was wonderful to work with. She was quick to respond in PMs and pleasant each time. Payment was quick and she even sent me a picture of the faceplate happy, safe and sound once she got it! I would recomend her to anyone.
    5. Kiwii bought a Chalco head from me.
      Very friendly and great communication.
      She is a fantastic buyer
    6. I had a very pleasant transaction with Maria.

      I got my Monzo, one of my dream dolls from her. She was very patient with my numerous PMs and the doll i got from her was in great condition. She shipped the doll inspite of the additional shipping cost. She was very considerate and gave in to all of my requests about the eyes and limited wig she gave me to me even if it was not the one on the sale thread.

      Would totally recommend her!

      I was actually going to buy another another doll from her but someone beat me shocks!
    7. I bought DOD DOI Kalix from Kiwii.
      Very responsible seller!!! The transaction was fast, the doll was very well packaged. Doll arrived very quickly!
      Thank you one more time!