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Feedback for KiwiManatee

Nov 19, 2010

    1. Feedback for KiwiManatee! :) Thanks!
    2. i bought a sd volks set from kiwimamatee,she os a lovely seller and shipped the item out quickly and it arrived in good condition,thanks so much!!!!! :dance
    3. I bought a Volks SD Kun head and the transaction went beautifully. <3 She shipped super fast and everything is perfect with him!
    4. I bought 4-piece PukiPuki furniture set from KiwiManatee. It was shipped quickly and packed carefully and is absolutely beautiful! We had great communication throughout the transaction, too.
    5. KiwiManatee participated in my twenty-first Leekeworld group order and was very pleasant to work with! ^o^ Communication from their end left absolutely nothing to be desired and invoices were responded to and taken care of in prompt fashion. Smooth and easy sailing all the way through, I say with ease that I would be open to working with them again. &#9829;

      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
      &#9786;][ T h a n k i e s!! ][&#9786;
      [ &#9829; &#9830; &#9827; &#9824; ]
    6. KiwiManatee bought a SDF girl body from me, communication was amazing, and she paid quickly i would definitely work with them again!

      I purchased a Luts Honey Delf Pitta, and a pair of brown 12mm glass eyes from KiwiManatee! She was great with pricing, communication, shipping, and all! I would definitely do more business with her! Thanks so much! :D
    8. I bought a cute little TTYA Hoodie & Tights outfit from KiwiManatee. It was a perfect transaction (^_^)



      I purchased a yo-sd size: Nine9 Style Pink CanCan Dress from KiwiManatee, and as always, everything went great! Super fast shipping!!! Thanks for another great transaction! :D
    10. I bought a yosd sized holiday sweater from KiwiManatee and she was great. She replied prometly to all of my questions and shipped it the day after payment was sent. I could pay right away so she held my sweater for a few days and was very nice about it! My sweater arrived a few days later and it was very nicely packaged. I'll post a picture of it here if I remember to later. :) I would definetely buy from her again.
    11. Hehe, oops. It should say that I couldn't pay right away in the above post not that I could. The meaning totally changes if I don't fix that typo and I don't see an edit button so... ^^;; But seriously, great transaction.
    12. I purchased some barbie dresses and adorable tiny shoes from kiwimanatee and everything went perfectly! She shipped super fast and everything was perfect! Thank you so much for such a nice transaction! ^_^
    13. KiwiManatee is a delightfully nice and prompt seller. I'd never hesitate to do business with them again! :)
    14. KiwiManatee commisioned from me dress for her doll. Communication was great and she paid very fastly. Buissnes without problems:) I highly recommended her. Thank You and welcome again!:)
    15. Positive feedback

      i bought a Nine9 Style shirt for SD from KiwiManatee. Communication was fast and friendly, it was shipped immediately and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much!
    16. I bought an MSD hoodie from KiwiManatee, she sent it out quickly and was prompt with communication plus very friendly and nice to deal with. Item arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as described. Thank you so much for doing business with me!
    17. Positive Feedback!
      I purchased a clothing set from KiwiManatee and the transaction could not have been better, she had perfect communication and shipped the items very quickly.
      The clothing arrived in perfect condition and looks great on my girl!
      Thank you so much KiwiManatee!:XD:
    18. I bought a lovely Volks set from KiwiManatee. She sent it quickly and was lovely to deal with.
    19. Bought a nice pair of shoes from KiwiManatee~
      Fast shipping and great communication.