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Feedback for KiwiNinamori

Oct 12, 2010

    1. Feedback for KiwiNinamori

      For any buying and selling done around here~

      I have positive feedback as KiwiNinamori on eBay, as well as positive feedback as KiwiNinamori on Cosplay.com Marketplace
    2. While KiwiNinamori and I did not end up actually doing business together, I wanted to post here with positive feedback for her anyway. In trying to figure out if we could make a doll trade, she's been very pleasant to talk to and has offered super fast and thorough communication. I have no doubt she would've been a great trade partner if things had worked out. Thanks for your awesomeness, Kiwi! :)
    3. I bought two MSD vests from KiwiNinamori. She was extremely accommodating, especially because I asked for about a million pictures XD I got every one I wanted, shipping was lightning fast and I love my vests. Thanks again! :D
    4. Just finished up a great transaction with KiwiNinamori. She bought an MSD girl from me by layaway, paid her off way ahead of schedule and kept up fantastic communication along the way. I could not have asked for a more attentive buyer and I'm so glad my girl has found such a nice new home. :)
      Thanks so much!
    5. KiwiNinamori and I traded dolls- my BBB Weylin for her Sprite. It was a very smooth trade, and I really love my new girl! She sent out her doll on the same day as I did and was very easy to work with. I would trade, buy sell with her any time. I hope you love your Weylin as much as I love my new girl!
    6. I bought an outfit from her and everything was perfect. She was very nice through the whole thing. Thank you again.
      I will buy/sell with her again
    7. KiwiNinamori traded dolls with me. My Angel Fantasy "Lily" for her Dream Of Doll Wi. It was a very smooth trade.

      She is a very talkative and responsible person. Her dolls are very well taken care of. The boy she has send me is in excellent technical condition.
      I will buy from/trade with her in future if an opportunity occurs.

      If You are wondering to do transactions with her let me assure You that she is 100% positive and You don't need to worry about a thing.

      Thank You very much!
    8. KiwiNinamori and myself just completed a trade between my Minifee Lishe that was on the marketplace and her SD Luts Nanuri head 06 on a Fantasy doll girl body. She was a pleasure to trade with, she was prompt in her replies and answered all my questions and requests throughout the process. She provided full body shots of the doll when requested and even through in a wig when I asked her if I could buy one from her. We worked out a shipping schedule and she was patient with me as I was not online often and this was my first trade. She sent the doll when we agreed to and provided insurance on the doll. When the doll arrived, she came just as in the advertised condition but with eyes and clothes as well. She was packed well in newspaper and bubble wrap and is absolutely lovely.

      For my first trade on DOA she was wonderful to work with and willing to put up with my schedule and cluelessness. She is very helpful and prompt in her responses and someone I would enjoy buying or trading with again.
    9. I just recently did a trade with KiwiNinamori she made me an anime outfit in exchange for two wigs I had on sale. She was wonderful to work with, very prompt in replying to PMs and she made the outfit really quick, like in a week I believe. The clothes were also well wrapped and packaged and arrived safe and sound.
    10. I've just conducted a trade with KiwiNinamori, and she was very polite, very quick to respond, and willing to provide any pictures I asked for. She shipped my AR Little Fair Mano quickly, and on the same day that I shipped her DollLove Brian, and she arrived very quickly. The doll is absolutely lovely, exactly as described, and a wonderful addition to my resin family. I would definitely do business, whether buying, selling, or trading, with KiwiNinamori again! Excellent transaction!
    11. KiwiNinamori is fabulous! I needed a mohair wig lickity-split and she delivered! ♥ She mailed out the same day I paid, and it got here 3 days later.

      Thank you! ♥
    12. I did a trade/sale with KiwiNinamori for my Angel Region Warrick. :D She was absolutely a pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication and quick to reply to PMs.

      She's a wonderful buyer and I'd happily deal with her again! <3 <3 <3
    13. I did a trade with KiwiNinamori and she wonderful to deal with from beginning to end. Fast and friendly PMs, shipped her doll when we agreed, doll was well packaged and exactly as she described him. She was also incredibly understanding about the hiccup the Post Office caused in getting her doll to her. She was a joy, I'd glad deal with her again, and I'd recommend other to people to as well. Thanks!
    14. Did a trade with KiwiNinamori, fast shipping, thanks so much! =^_^=
    15. I did a trade with KiwiNinamori, she sent a sweater and I sent her shoes! It went perfect! :D
    16. I sold an AoD Rao to KiwiNinamori. Communication was excellent, the layaway payments were made in time and I received notifications of them. She also let me know that the doll had arrived.

      Thank you for the wonderful transaction!
    17. I sold a Dollzone Mo to KiwiNinamori. Her communication was pleasant and prompt, and she let me know when he arrived.

      Thanks so much for the flawless transaction! ^^
    18. I just bought a little BC elf from KiwiNinamori and she was beyond nice to me. I got my little girl 2 days after she shipped her and she was in perfect shape and very well packed. I love her thank you KiwiNinamori!
    19. I sold KiwiNinamori a AR Cien Boy. Everything went very smooth. Very fast payment and the communication was great. I would definately recommend KiwiNinamori.
    20. Bought a BC Kiera Elf from KiwiNinamori and was not pleased. Lots of things left out of discripition.:(