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Feedback for KiyoshiSenshi

Sep 22, 2011

    1. Since I'm doing marketplace stuff finally, please leave feedback for me here. Thanks a lot, guys! :3
    2. I sold some items to KiyoshiSenshi it was a perfect transaction thank you!
    3. I sold a pair of MSD pants to KiyoshiSenshi, she paid quickly, had great communication and is super nice! It was a great transaction, I recommend her to everyone!
    4. ((CoughcoughI'madudecoughcough. :P))
    5. Very Positiv

      She bought from me a babydoll Dragon.
      She was very friendly, answered quickly and paid directly to the news.
      With it you could be wonderfully entertained. In addition, it was my first time to have something sold to America
      I can only recommend it and hope in future times, to hear again what of it.

      Thank you, my dear!^^
    6. I bought a dollzone dragon girl from Sakura-Streifchen and she came quickly, we had great communication and she was very well packaged! I highly recommend her and would gladly buy from her again!

      Thanks again!!
    7. Ooops! Above should say KiyoshiSenshi!! Sorry!
    8. KiyoshiSenshi bought a pair of glass eyes from me and the transaction went perfectly. ^^ Thanks!
    9. KiyoshiSenshi ordered a custom fur wig from me and was delightful to work with! She was very good in communicating the details of her custom design (she sent many awesome pics), as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wig arrived safely. I'd be happy to work with her again, anytime!

      Thanks again for a great transaction! ^_^
    10. Except that KiyoshiSenshi is a he, not a she! Aieeee, I'm sorry! But he's still a fantastic customer I'd love to work with again. ^^
    11. Purchased my Luts Yul elf head and couldn't be happier with KiyoshiSenshi! What a wonderful person and great buyer. Can definitely say it was one of the best experiences ever! Thank you again and enjoy! :)
    12. kiyoshisenshi commissioned a faceup from me. They provided a detailed description that I could work off of and made payments quickly and on time. They were a wonderful customer, I wouldnt hesitate to work with them again.
    13. KiyoshiSenshi bought a vest and a laptop prop from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt replies and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope you like them! :)
    14. KiyoshiSenshi bought a pair of kid delf hands from me. They were friendly and polite in their messages, quick to pay and let me know when the hands arrived safely. I would happily do business with them again and recommend them as a buyer. Thanks!
    15. KiyoshiSenshi purchased a SD head from me and she was lovely to do business with^^ Payment was quick and she was kind to let me know as soon as the parcel arrived at her place^^ ~~thank you^^