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FeedBack for Knight-d

Sep 25, 2006

    1. Please leave feedback if we have had a Transaction.
    2. Knight-d is a pleasure to deal with. We had an excellent transaction.
    3. I sold Knight-d a wig and it worked out great for everyone! ^^ Thank you!
    4. I sold Knight-d my Soah and it was a wonderful transaction! Easy and friendly communications, very happy with the transaction - miss my girl but glad she's with someone who loves her :lol:
    5. Knight-d was so great about helping straighten out a doll mixup and shipping my doll to me quickly! Wonderful to work with!
    6. Knight-d participated in my first ever group order with Iplehouse. Quick payment and great communication through PMs!
      Thanks for joining the order!
    7. Knight-d and I have had many transactions. .Always a pleasure to do business with and I highly recommend this lovely person..for any transactions you might have with them

      : )
    8. I had an extremely fast and smooth transaction with Knight-d! Prompt payment and great communication~! I highly recommend Knight-d as a buyer! It was an absolute pleasure selling to you!
    9. HI, I sold a SD dress to Knight D. Everything went very smoothly, I would gladly do business with her again any day.

    10. Hey, D! He participated in a Luts order that I ran, paid quickly and communication was clear and prompt...awesome!
    11. smooth, easy and fast shipping. Totally thrilled with the doll
    12. She bought a wig from me and was very nice, paid quickly and in good communication. Thanks! ;)

    13. Knight-d bought some goggles from me and was very nice and payed quickly! =) Very positive transaction~
    14. Knight-d bought a doll from me recently. He was a delightful buyer. Very pleasant, friendly communication, fast payment! He's a true gem in the BJD community. I would gladly do business with him again!
    15. Great Transaction! My newest floating head was in the mailbox before I even thought to look for her! Thanks so much for the great new girl! Becky
    16. Sold Knight-d a Soom Kyrie wig, with fast payment and excellent communication-
      I know him from other forums, always a pleasure to deal with :)
      Highly recommended, thanks again!
    17. Great, careful packing job and extremely fast shipping - extremely pleased. Thanks!
    18. Knight-d just bought two pairs of Silver eyes from me. He paid very quickly and was very prompt and friendly in all of his PMs. He was a complete pleasure to sell to and I would definitely engage in transactions with him again! :D
    19. Knight-d bought a pair of goggles from me and the transaction went off without a hitch~ thanks, Knight-d!
    20. Knight-d bought a faux leather halter top, two mini skirts, and a black Luts wig from me. He paid promptly and was fantastic to deal with. Highly recommended, would gladly do business again!