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Feedback for Knovak

Apr 19, 2006

    1. Hi,

      I'm possibly going to buy a dollfie from Knovak here later in the month and having seen all the threads here about problem sellers etc - because it's such a large amount of money I need to be sure it'll be okay so if anyone has dealt with her either here or on ebay please speak up ^^ Tyty.
    2. Knovak is one of the BEST sellers I've ever dealt with! She's HUGELY responsible, friendly and lightning fast on her shipping. My boy was well-packed and in flawless condition!
    3. Thanks! ^^ Exactly the answer I was hoping for :)
    4. I split a Woosoo with her to get my two heads. She was excellent to deal with, awesome on the communication end, super fast on shipping, and overall a dream to deal with.

      Now go get that doll if you haven't already! lol
    5. I don't think words could even convey how wonderful Kathi is.
      She is a great trader, honest, and very friendly. I always love hearing from her whether or not she's in the middle of a transaction.

      You can rest assured that she is fantastic!
    6. Knovak is an excellent seller. She is quick, packs items extremely safely, and communicates well.
    7. I've had a great transaction with Knovak as well. I couldn't have been happier with it. Not only did I get a fantastic deal on the dolls I had wanted, but she kept in touch the whole time, answered all my PMs, and shipped the dolls quickly and safely.
    8. Knovak sold me an extremely hard to find doll at a great price. Great to deal with,packs very well and ships lightning fast. Would love to deal with her again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    9. I sold SDC Kurt's default outfit to Knovak and they were great to deal with! Paid promptly and good communication.
    10. You can absolutely trust Kathi, she is absolutely great!
      She shipped me a head and it took 4 days from Belgium to Canada! :o fastest shipping I have ever seen!
      She packed the head very well... in 2 words EXCELLENT SELLER
    11. Kathi is WONDERFUL. I was recently able to buy one of my dream dolls from her. Everything went perfectly. Great emails, quick shipping, perfect packing, and doll is every bit what I'd hoped for.
    12. Woo! Another feedback for Kathi. ^__^
      I'm happy that our paths were able to cross again.

      Kathi recently purchased some ED eyes from me. She immediately paid, and it was so wonderful getting back in touch with her. <3 Kathi is such a friendly lady, and I hope that everyone will one day have the pleasure of getting to know such a kind, respectable, and responsible person!
    13. I sold Knovak a Happydoll Dorothy head, and she is just a wonderful buyer. She paid quickly, and I'd also like to mention that her communication was wonderful. She sends lovely in depth PMs, which I enjoyed recieving :)
    14. Bought some eyes from Knovak. She shipped fast and had great communication. Thanks for a great transaction! :)
    15. I bought an MSD Tsubaki from Knovak and it arrived well packaged. She was easy to deal with. Thank you!
    16. Absolutely fantastic. I bought my ToYou from her and she got here safely and she shipped her right away.
      Kathi is very nice and is great to buy from.

    17. Kathi is a kind, very considerate seller :D

      I bought a doll head from her and she sold it to me for a very reasonable price even though it was a very sought after rare doll head :D

      The head was packed super neatly and was sent basically the next day after I completed payment.

      Knovak was great to communicate with and is very patient and honest :D An honest seller is very very rare these days but this person is definitely trustworthy :D
    18. I sold a pair of doll boots to Knovak and she paid promptly and was very nice to deal with! :)
    19. Ditto! A big thankyou to Knovak, and a huge reccomendation to anyone considering dealing with her. She's fantastic!
    20. I love her. Great seller who ships fast and is no problem to deal with. Thankyou!