Feedback for KoalaSam

Sep 28, 2016

    1. Hi, please leave feedback here. Thank you!
    2. KoalaSam bought a LUTS Tiny Delf Gretel from me. Communication and payment went smoothly! I would definitely recommend her as a buyer! ;)
    3. KoalaSam purchased a Fairyland Pukifee body from me. Great communication, very friendly, prompt payment and let me know when it arrived. Thank you so much!
    4. KoalaSam purchased a Brownie Nene from me... it was a super smooth transaction. She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the bjd was delivered. I feel confident that the Brownie has a good new home :)

    5. KoalaSam purchased the ImpBaby Harley I had for sale in the marketplace, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly! She was pleasant to work with, paid promptly and let me know that the boy arrived safely! I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime! Thanks! :)
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    6. KoalaSam purchased a Pukifee Rin sleeping faceplate from me. She was extremely polite and friendly in our communications, paid quickly, and was just as quick to let me know her parcel arrived safely! Thank you so much. :) I'd highly recommend doing sales with her.
    7. Sam bought my Pukifee Bonnie and Ante from me and she paid promptly and was excellent at communication. She let me know when they arrived! Super Pleasant to chat with. Glad my dollies went to such a good home:3nodding:
      Would recommend her as a buyer! Thanks so much:aheartbea
    8. KoalaSam bought some Fairyland wings from me. The transaction was smooth and friendly. I would certainly do business with KoalaSam again!
    9. KoalaSam purchased two Pukifee Arong faceplates from me. She was wonderful to work with! Communication was quick and friendly and she let me know right away when the faceplates arrived :) I highly recommend working with KoalaSam and would be happy to do so again in the future!

      Thank you!
    10. Sam purchased my Crobidoll Wooyu, and the transaction went as well as it could. She was very friendly, communicated well, and was agreeable to my sales terms. I appreciate that she wrote me to say that the doll had arrived as well.

      I would be pleased to sell to or buy from Sam in the future. Recommended buyer all the way!
    11. I just completed a very pleasant transaction with KoalaSam and I highly recommend her. Her communication was great and she paid lightening-fast. I would love to do business with her again - thanks so much, Sam :)
    12. KoalaSam recently bought a Bobobie Cookie from me. No complaints, only praise. *Super* fast payment. Great communication. It was a pleasure :)
    13. KoalaSam is a lovely buyer. I sold 2 multiheads to her. Payment was fast and her communication was perfect ^^ She's a lovely and polite person. Would be more than happy to deal with her again :) Thankyou KoalaSam :)
    14. I sold KoalaSam my Real Puki Roro full set, wonderful communication and quick payment, a real pleasure to do business with, very friendly caring person many thanks!
    15. I sold a Pukifee Rosanna to KoalaSam. Communication was great, she paid immediately, and then let me know when she received the doll. Very friendly and nice buyer, great transaction! Thank you!
    16. KoalaSam purchased my PukiPuki/Brownie hybrid. She was friendly, fast, and prompt throughout- even let me know when she arrived. Thank you, Sam. I'd gladly do business again.
    17. I sold a Pocket Fairy Peter to Koalasam and the transaction was flawless! I highly recommend her as a buyer!
    18. Koalasam bought a Realfee Pano from me and was wonderful to work with :) their responses were quick and friendly and they let me know right away when he arrived. I would happily work with Koalasam in the future!

      Thank you! :)
    19. Koalasam bought a PP Ante faceplate off me. Lovely to talk to, paid me promptly and let me know when the plate arrived.
      Thanks again!
    20. Another great transaction with Koalasam. Paid me fast and let me know when they got the doll.
      Thankyou very much!