Feedback for Kohaku31

May 2, 2019

    1. Please provide any feedback that you have for me below. Thank you!
      #1 Kohaku31, May 2, 2019
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    2. @Kohaku31 bought a Soom female body from me and everything went very well. Payment was super fast and she kept me updated once the package is arrived. Highly recommend :hug:
    3. Kohaku31 bought my Soom Breccia head, the payment was sent promptly and the communication was very friendly! She let me know about the arrival right away, I would definitely do business with her again :)
    4. I boght Soom Breccia from @Kohaku31. It was very smooth deal! I paid laуaway and she waited patiently. Thank you for good packing and pleasant communication:)
    5. Kohaku31 bought my Freedomteller vest. They paid promptly and was friendly to talk to. Would love to do business with them again.
    6. Kohaku31 bought Soom Super Gem male hands from me, everything went fine! Super quick payment and friendly communication, I would gladly recommend Kohaku31 to anyone :)
    7. I sold a Ringdoll RM3 body to Kohaku31. The communication was punctual and very pleasant! Payment was made quickly- very smooth transaction. Great buyer!
    8. Kohaku13 purchased Gentle Homme Wolf from me great communcation recommanded buyer
    9. @Kohaku31 purchased a full set Fairyland outfit from me. They were great with communication and always replied promptly. They kept me updated regarding their shipping information and were kind enough to let me know when the package arrived. I would definitely work with them again.