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Feedback for Kohakugawa

Mar 13, 2008

    1. Hello, this is the place you can leave feedback if you remember having done business with me, Kohakugawa (and if, of course, you feel it was a transaction worth remembering!) :)
    2. I sold Kohakugawa/bleu*parfum some period shoes and the transaction went perfectly. Prompt payment, excellent communication, and so friendly, I couldn't ask for a better customer! He's such a sweetheart, and I truely look forward to conducting business with him again in the future! Thanks again!!! :)
    3. I had a wonderful transaction with Kohakugawa. She paid very quickly and informed me promtly when the package had arrived. Great to do business with. Thank you.
    4. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^ v
    5. Kohakugawa bought my SD Black Lolita set with shoes. She was through in asking questions and making simple requests for another better & brighter pic of set. She paid fast and was a delight to deal with. Hoping her girl enjoys it very much. MK
    6. Kohakugawa bought CORSETT (embroidered lace) from me :)
      and is very friendly and prompt with payment,
      thank you for my first feedback on DoA.

    7. Wonderful buyer...pleasure to do business with :)
    8. I sold her a necklace and she was super nice, communicative and reliable. Highly recommended :).
    9. Rolland (Kohakugawa) bought a Dollmore Banji outfit from me and it was a pleasure dealing with him. He paid quickly, was very friendly in communication and let me know when the item arrived with him.
      Thankyou for a smooth transaction :D
    10. Kohakugawa bought Black Witch dress from me. Prompt payment, excellent communication and really nice to deal with.

      Thank you for smooth transaction and your nice feedback. ^ ^
    11. Kohakugawa bought my Narin head. She was very nice to deal with, fast to pay, and great with communication. :)
    12. Kohakugawa bought a msd set from and is very very friendly, great with communication and pays promptly. I definitely recommend as a buyer!! Thank You so much <33
    13. Sold to Kohakugawa :)
      It was a very pleasant transaction- she is friendly, replied to my PMs very quickly and prompt payment too ^^
    14. Kohakugawa purchased a pair of SD gloves from me. Prompt payment, excellent communication and let me know when the gloves arrived. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with again! ;)
    15. Cast the Runes, spread the Tarot, scry into a moonlit pool of water- all will reveal that Kohakugawa is an utter darling to deal with!Always an absolute pleasure and so much fun, too! Comes with my seal of approval- you can't go wrong with this lovely DoA member.

      I am sure your beautiful doll will go forth and enchant all who gaze upon her in her new outfit!
    16. Kohakugawa bought Galena head from me.
      Excellent and friendly communication.
      Fast payment and let me know when the head arrived ^^

      I'm very comfortable to do transaction with her, Highly recommend for Kohakugawa. :D
      Thank you very much again ^^
    17. I sold tea cup set ,socks,pocket watch to Kohakugawa.very very friendly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Thanks so much! ^0^
    18. Kohakugawa bought Zaol body from me. *__* Paid very fast and let me know when it arrived. ^_^ Very pleasant to deal with!!! \hugs\
    19. Another wonderful transaction with Kohakugawa :)
      I can't say enough, but I wish all my transactions could be as smooth as this one!
    20. Kohakugawa bought a SD Soda dress from me- and I couldn't have asked for a better buyer; great communication, ninja-fast payment and Kohakugawa let me know as soon as the dress arrived! Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much and best wishes oxo