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Feedback for Koma

May 22, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback for any transactions with me here, thanks! :D
    2. I sold Koma an SD-size hoodie. The transaction went flawlessly; excellent communication, and quick payment. Would definitely deal with again, thank you!
    3. I bought a dress from Koma and the trasaction went really well...kept me informed and was quick delivery..thank you very much! safrun
    4. Koma commissioned me to do a face up on her Delf EL... ^^ She was very patient and sweet, very quick to reply to PMs, and gave me detailed descriptions about what she wanted for her boy. ^^ She also let me know as soon as he arrived home. ^^

      Thank you so much for choosing me!! I'm glad you like the face up! ^^

    5. Participated in Koma's Alice Collection GO! Was very good about telling me when the order was placed, shipped, arrived, and was very prompt on shipping quotes! Would be delighted to participate in another group order! Items, were absolutely perfect for my dolls! Thank you so much!
    6. I, too, was part of Koma's Alice Group Order. Her communication was flawless and everything went very well! Aaaaaaaaannd, I finally got those cat eyes I needed! Thanks again for hosting this for us!
    7. I participated in an Alice's Collections GO run by Koma. Everything was fantastic; communication was always quick and friendly, and she even accommodated a special shipping request. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thanks so much~!! :)
    8. Koma ordered two custom fur wigs from me and was delightful to work with! She was great at communicating the details of her custom designs, as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wigs arrived safely. I'd be happy to work with her again, anytime!

      Thanks again for a great transaction! ^_^
    9. I participated in Koma's group order for Alice's Collections! Good communication, and when one of my pieces arrived with a defect, Koma got ahold of the company and got them to send a replacement. Thank you, so much!
    10. Joined Luts group order run by this user, everything went perfect thanks.
    11. I joined a Luts GO hosted by Koma, and everything went great! Would join another GO by them. :)
    12. I was in Koma's Luts GO and everything went smoothly! Thanks for running the GO. :D
    13. I was in Koma's LUTS GO and everything went great! Communication was great from Koma, I would definitely join another of their GOs.
    14. Koma sent me 3 heads to get face upped... It was a long work and she was really patient with me, explaining what she wanted and showed me pictures. :) Definitely would recommend her as a customer! Thank you so much for choosing me again to work on your dolls!
    15. I purchased a wonderful Weapon & Armor set from Koma and it was a perfect transaction!:) Communications were excellent throughout and shipping was done at light speed! The items are absolutely pristine and a perfect fit for my little Lati Green adventurer. I couldn't be more pleased and would highly recommend Koma for any transaction in the marketplace. It was a pure pleasure!
    16. Koma hosted a For My Doll GO and I participated. The order was processed super fast and she sent the wig out to me right away. I got it in just a couple of days! I would definitely purchase from her, sell to her, or join another GO hosted by her in the future!!! Thanks!! :)
    17. I was in a For My Doll GO that Koma host. Kept us inform. Fast shipping. Great to deal with.
    18. I participated in Koma's For My Doll GO. :3 Payment was easy. Communication was very good. Koma kept us updated, though I would've liked to see a bump each time there was a new update. Very great to deal with and I would do business again.
    19. I joined Koma's ForMyDoll GO. Everything went smoothly. Communication was superb. Koma kept me updating throughout the whole process via Personal message. Everything that needed to be done was very smooth. Shipping was very quick once arrival at Koma"s home. Highly recommend!
    20. I participated in a For My Doll GO that Koma ran and everything was great! Thanks again! ^__^