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Feedback for Korebeast!!!

Apr 10, 2008

    1. Hello! This is the feedback thread for me, Korebeast!

      How was I to deal with? Lame? Awesome? Tell the rest of DOA! :lol:
    2. Korebeast bought a wig and eyes from me, paid quickly and was lovely to deal with. Great buyer :)

      Thank you ^_^
    3. She bought a body and a head from me. It was a super great transaction! She is lovely to deal with, very kind, paid promptly and all went fantastic! Thanks a lot!! :D
    4. Korebeast was part of a group order I hosted, prompt payments, great communication, and very friendly, would most definitely deal with again!
    5. Cannot praise Korebeast enough- this was a wonderful, completely stress-free transaction. Korebeast bought a much loved head from me, and I couldn't have been happier with her friendliness, thoughtfulness and general awesomeness. Sell stuff to her!

      I'd love to do business with you in the future, thank you so much!
    6. Korebeast just purchased a DIM body from me and the transaction went very smoothly. Payment was fast, and communication was stellar. I couldn't ask for a better buyer! Thanks so much! :)
    7. Korebeast participated in a minimee group order with me. She was communicative and very prompt with all payments, I would be happy to do business with her again - thanks!
    8. I am Korebeast's biggest fan. In addition to being awesome in general, she is also a great buyer.

      Can't wait to see pictures of Ajax!
    9. Korebeast purchased a jewelry set from me, and was an absolute charm to deal with. She pm'ed me and paid promptly, kept in touch the whole way, and was super patient when I had some shipping delays. Overall a great person to deal with! Glad you like your things! <3
    10. Korebeast bought a rather pricy SD13 silk kimono set from me which was tragically lost in the mail. Despite the high value of the item, she remained very patient and understanding throughout the extremely long wait time associated with claiming insurance on international packages.

      I'd have no problem selling to Korebeast in the future, as I couldn't ask for a better buyer. When things went wrong, she stuck with me the entire time, did everything that she could on her end, and was very kind about the whole mess.
    11. ~Positive~
      I purchased a DiM Minimee Gackt (WS) from Korebeast. She was such a doll herself to talk to and buy from. She packaged him extremely well and shipped him right away.
      Thank you so much Korebeast for selling me your boy. ^__^ I'll take good care of him.
    12. I did a straight trade with Korebeast--my Minimee head for several articles of clothing. She's awesome to talk to, and definitely great to deal with! The stuff arrived in fast and in great condition. I'd definitely recommend her!
    13. I sold a MNM Miyavi head to Korebeast and everything went wonderfully, she paid right away and let me know when the head arrived! Thanks again!
    14. I've sold a pair of Gumdrops eyes to Korebeast. She paid exactly when we agreed to, communication was flawless. And she kept me updated about the package status and PMed me when it arrived. I would gladly sell to her in the future, she a great buyer.
      Thank you!
    15. Korby bought a PukiPuki PongPong with hooves from me. Fantastic to deal with, paid as promised. Please give him a wonderful home!! :)
    16. Korebeast bought some tiny resin wings from me. She was more than patient when we realized a magnet had fallen from the package and waited for me to send that out as quickly as I could, and was a real pleasure to deal with all around. Paid quickly, lovely person.
    17. Korebeast bought a wig from me. Communication was great, she paid super fast, and was absolutely wonderful to work with. I'd definitely recommend doing business with her. Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    18. I sold some puki faceplates to Korebeast. She paid quickly, kept up communication and was extremely pleasant to deal with. I would definitely do business with her again :]
    19. I sold some MSC to Korebeast. Super person to deal with, quick payment, and always kind and cheerful. Thanks so much!
    20. Bought a pair of eyes from Korebeast, and the whole transaction was simple and quick. Awesome seller, and I'd definitely buy from her again!