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Feedback for Korrin

May 12, 2009

    1. Please leave any feedback for me here, and I'll do the same for you. ^_^
    2. Korrin took part in my sixth Fairyland group order and everything was just wonderful! Great sense of communication and up to speed with making payments - a joy to deal with from all aspects.

      :clover Thank you for participating in this order! :clover
    3. Korrin commissioned a color job and faceup for a drow elf and was a joy to work with. A wonderful customer, even while I was having a pretty extreme family emergency. We somehow made it work out without problems, and I owe that largely to her for being so understanding during what turned out to be an extremely difficult time for me. I would highly recommend her as a credit to DoA and to what good transactions are supposed to be. And I would not hesitate to transact with her again any time. A+
    4. Korrin was in my Luts Go. She was very friendly and paid fast. Thanks a lot!

      Hope to see you around again ^^
    5. Korrin sold me Luts Nanuri with Mature body. Everything arrived safe and sound into a good home. Very fast shipping and communication. :D